How to Woobox Facebook Contests

How-To Round-Up: November 2017 Edition

We’ve built-up a lot of content After years of publishing guides, blogs, and support articles. Sometimes it’s difficult to find exactly what older content we’re looking for. To shorten search time, we’ve compiled this list of pertinent how-to blogs!

The links below are all from our blog site. We also recently published a similar compilation of support articles here.

Setup Guides & How to Remix Woobox Apps into Something Extra Cool

  1. Customizing Forms
  2. Copying and resetting an offer
  3. Creating a Coloring Contest
  4. Creating Photo Contest “categories”
  5. Sharing Customization
  6. Using Passwords
  7. How to add Links
  8. Pro Tips
  9. Effectively Testing your Promotion

Drafting Your Own Contest Rules

  1. Simple Legal Cheat-sheet
  2. Official Rules Template Guide

Plan to Run Multiple Campaigns

  1. Multiple Promotions on the same Page

Magic toolbox
Promote Your Offer, Post Ads, and Tasks for After Campaigns End

Bookmark this magic toolbox of resources for quick access so you can be a Woobox pro! Have questions? Feel free to email us at