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10 Facebook Contest Examples: Increase Leads Without More Ad Spend

Consumers have long flocked to activities that allow them to rest their minds after a long day of work. With the introduction of social media, people can scroll through their...

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6 Tips for Adding LinkedIn to Your Giveaway Marketing Mix [+ Examples]

Does your giveaway marketing mix include LinkedIn? Although LinkedIn features 630+ million users, only an estimated 1% post content weekly. This gap indicates an opportunity for brands to shine. Take advantage of...

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5 Email Marketing Goals to Lift Your e-Commerce Leads After Holidays End

Will your eCommerce email marketing efforts pay off in 2020? Over the next few weeks, email open rates will peak then dramatically decrease. While it’s not a shocker that people...

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3 Fantastic Examples of Instagram Contests That Fuel Marketing Goals

Selflessness. Sure, that's a nice sentiment, but it's not always applicable in the real world — especially when it comes to holding giveaways for your business. Think about it… why...

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