Facebook Hashtag Entry for Photo Contests

Woobox’s hashtag entry for Facebook allows you to accept photo contest submissions posted directly to your timeline! Simply supply your fans with a hashtag that is specific to your brand and promotion, and then ask them to post a photo on your Facebook page’s timeline with the hashtag in the message. The entry will be tracked and added to the contest automatically! 

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Woobox Launches Touchscreen Endurance Challenge App

Auto dealers made the concept popular in the real world, and now Woobox has brought the endurance contest to the virtual world with Touchscreen Endurance Challenges!

Inspired by the popular real-world contest that requires participants to maintain continual contact with a product (usually a car) for a chance to win, this last-man-standing contest pits participants against one another to see who can outlast the competition.

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4 Super Big Game Day Promotions

Customers often ask us for examples of live promotions that they can use as inspiration for their next contest, sweepstakes, coupon, poll or other social promotion. And as part of our on-going initiative to help our customers better sell themselves and their services, we are proud to present 4 Super Big Game Day Promotions* to get your creative brain a-buzzing.

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Woobox Case Study: Lights4fun Christmas Photo Contest

Lights4fun, a UK-based company that sells high-quality Christmas lights and fairy lights, was looking for a creative way to display their lights in action and raise the profile of local and national charities, all while building their Facebook fan base and increasing engagement. They turned to Woobox and …

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Woobox Case Study: Glee Gum

When Glee Gum, an all-natural chewing gum brand, wanted to get the word out about their newest flavor, they turned to Woobox for help. What resulted was a campaign so effective, they had to end it early.

About Glee Gum:
Glee Gum is natural chewing gum made without preservatives, artificial …

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5 Great Halloween Photo Contest Ideas

With the abundance of ghouls, goblins, vampires and fairies invading our lives – be it in cute kid, adorable puppy, or scary adult form – October is the perfect time to run a photo contest. With all that photographic fodder just sitting there waiting to be uploaded and …

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