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Spotlight: Funimation Entertainment’s Shin Godzilla UGC Contest

Recently, Funimation Entertainment – a streaming anime and entertainment company – ran a UGC contest to promote the digital release of the Japanese blockbuster “Shin Godzilla” and it was huuuge!

Funimation asked fans of the franchise to display their love for the giant monster by submitting photos or videos of art, cosplay, short films, figurines, or any way fans could show their passion for the lovable kaiju. Winners received an exclusive, limited-edition poster designed by artist Matt Frank.

Godzilla contest entry page

In a perfect example of how a UGC Contest can inspire and expose creativity, Godzilla fans from all over the world submitted hand-drawn art, their own Godzilla-themed tattoos, and even some fun videos and stop-motion fan-films. While the contest was active, submissions could be viewed on the gallery page:

Godzilla contest gallery page
We think this is an excellent example of how user generated content can bring a community together. By empowering all contestants to express their creative sides, this contest shows off the community’s passion while building website traffic and brand awareness.

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