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How to Create a Quiz Using Woobox Tools
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Why Our Brains and Lead Generation Strategies Both Love Quizzes

What do Disney, Buzzfeed, Z Gallerie, Whiz Kids, and National Geographic all have in common? They each successfully use online quizzes in their lead generation strategies. According to a study...

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A Guide on Making and Managing Woobox Brackets
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How to Build and Manage Custom Woobox Brackets for Instant Interaction

Each year in the sports community, tournament brackets emerge when the college basketball season starts winding down. With Woobox, anyone can build their own custom brackets. You can create brackets...

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Did 2017’s Most Predicted SMM Trends Come True?

social media marketing trends 2017

Every year, experts and publishers have roundups of their opinions for what’s next in social media. Some of these come true, like live video, while others flop in a way no one expected (like Vine’s demise). As we near the end of 2017, we’re reviewing the most predicted trends over the past 10 months from industry experts and whether or not they “came true.”

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