Basics of contest promotion

The Basics of Promoting Your Woobox Campaigns

You can easily find Woobox comprehensive support articles and blogs about advanced promotion and advertising tools and techniques, such as creating custom audiences and website remarketing. But what about some of the basics? Well, that’s what this article is here for! Let’s show you some basic yet extremely useful methods in marketing your offers.

Coloring Contest

One of the most popular activities on the planet right now (other than Pokemon Go!) is coloring... what better way to engage your users than with a contest that is fun, creative, and relaxing to a user. Luckily Woobox has you covered, let us show you how to create a coloring promotion!

Woobox Remixed: Photo Contest Categories

You could use any of our apps to accomplish your goals just by using the settings to your benefit. In this Woobox Remixed article, I will show you how to make photo categories and have them live on a landing page.

Woobox Remixed: Create your own Adventure

What if I said your next promotion could offer adventure, mystery, and user creativity? In this Woobox Remixed we will be taking a look at how to setup a "Create Your Own Adventure" promotion!