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Brand Marketing Ideas Founded in Neuroscience
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Brand Marketing to Minds & Hearts with the Science of Emotion

Insights into a person’s emotional response are more valuable than the verbal response they may give. That visceral reaction clues us into what someone is thinking and feeling, rather than what they’re saying.

Using insights gained from the field of neuroscience, marketers can better understand both behavior and motivation. In turn, this can help identify the prompts leading to engagement and conversions.Keep Reading

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Woobox Landinge Pages with Sweepstakes
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14 Effective Ways to Use Woobox Landing Pages

How to Build Email Lists Sweepstakes and Contests
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15 Easy Ways to Build Email Lists That Get Results

The cost of acquiring new customers can be one of your most daunting challenges. How much do I need to spend? How often do I need to spend? What’s reasonable? The questions go on and on.

Keep Reading

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November Holiday Contest Ideas
Examples, Ideas, Tips

A Comprehensive November 2017 Holiday & Hashtag Guide

November brings a lot of known and not-so-known holidays worth recognizing in your marketing efforts. We’re giving you the monthly (and weekly) break-down of celebrations, campaign ideas, and trend-worthy hashtags to steal.Keep Reading

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create a fb contest
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How to Make a Powerful Facebook Contest

Woobox includes free features that can further your social media strategy. For example, free accounts can instantly pick-a-winner, create a hashtag Poll Post on their Facebook business timeline, and install Facebook Tabs.

But how would you combine two free Woobox features into a powerful Facebook contest? Great question!Keep Reading

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