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What Happens After Your Giveaway? A Guide to Your Post-Campaign Analysis

Your contest is over. So now what happens? Can you keep your new followers after a giveaway ends? Or get even better results with your next sweepstakes? The steps you...

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31 Facebook Giveaway Ideas You Can Easily Create

Did you know the best Facebook promotions typically last about seven to ten days? Or that a marketing strategy for Facebook combines polls, giveaways, and other interactive approaches to engage...

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How to Build Email Lists Using Online Giveaways
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5 Even-handed Ways to Grow Your Email List with a Giveaway

A giveaway can often fall apart if it isn’t planned out properly. The last thing you want is to put together a campaign only for a handful of people to participate. It doesn’t create any additional brand awareness or grow your email list significantly.Keep Reading

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