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8 Beauty Marketing Ideas to Entice Holiday Shoppers

After another long year, your customers are ready to treat themselves and find a few gifts for their family and friends. However, plenty of online channels are vying for their attention. To stand out from the competition, a tried-and-true strategy is creating marketing campaigns designed to appeal to your target audience. 

The best marketing ideas drive consumers to your website and pique their interest in your brand. In addition, your November promotions help consumers find the best gifts and solve skincare problems. Excite shoppers this holiday season using the following eight ideas.

Promote National Healthy Skin Month in November

According to 1010data, online self-care sales growth grew 59% in 2020. However, in-store sales took a hit.

Although many shoppers are returning to stores this year, you still need to attract their attention. The American Academy of Dermatology sponsors National Healthy Skin month every November, making it the perfect time to promote your products while assisting your customers. 

Develop a campaign that informs your audience while helping them find solutions to their skincare problems. Do this by sharing information people can use in their everyday lives, such as downloadable tip sheets, blog posts, and product recommendation tools. 

1. Celebrate National Healthy Skin Month on Social Media

Consumer education is a key tool for brand awareness campaigns. And increasing brand awareness as you head into fourth-quarter sales is critical to your success this holiday season. 

Jumpstart your campaign with these marketing ideas:

  • Host a giveaway and bundle skincare products as your grand prize
  • Post a tip every day on your social media channels
  • Produce a poll and ask your audience to identify their top skin care problem
  • Share before and after photos of skincare problems
  • Create a branded hashtag to use during November
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2. Deliver Winter Skincare Tips Using an Infographic

Design a visually appealing infographic using design software tools, such as Canva. Start with a set of tips for protecting skin during the winter. Next, insert your copy into an infographic template and add your logo. Embed your design on your website, share it on social media, and send it through email. 

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3. Focus on Safety: Pandemic Skincare Tips

If your audience consists of dedicated mask-wearers, those under state or work mandates, give them advice on taking care of their skin. Avoid making claims or providing medical advice. Instead, position your leaders as experts in skincare. Do this by:

  • Sharing the background of your staff and highlighting why they’re equipped to give guidance
  • Providing customer testimonials alluding to your staff’s expertise
  • Interviewing local dermatologists and sharing their suggestions in blog posts
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Create Audience-Specific Beauty Marketing Ideas

Although your audience may celebrate National Healthy Skin month, how they handle their beauty issues differs according to their age and budget. Moreover, people use various social media channels when finding ideas for makeup and skin products or services. 

Because cosmetics are very personal, your approach should consider the individual needs of your audience. The marketing ideas below offer unique ways to customize your campaigns. 

4. Offer Options for Different Budgets

According to NielsenIQ, “Low-income shoppers increased their online beauty and personal care spend by an impressive 69%, which was as much as 27 percentage points more than the middle-income segment and 18 points higher than the high-income segment.”

In addition, NielsenIQ says, “these consumers tend to be over the age of 65, multicultural, and live alone in economically challenged urban and rural areas.” Knowing this, you can create marketing ideas that target budgets and age groups. 

Show your value by:

  • Offering buy more, save more promotions
  • Giving free samples to everyone who isn’t a giveaway winner
  • Suggesting product alternatives to pricey brands
  • Providing click-and-collect pickup options
  • Comparing beauty products in your blog posts
  • Providing referral discounts for your customer’s friends and family

Enhance Your Selling Process

Regardless if your customers shop online or in-person, they want guidance in selecting the best products. Advising clients helps them make the best shopping decisions while increasing their loyalty and trust in your business. 

Your marketing ideas can drive people to the tools that improve their shopping experience. To do this, you need to offer personal assistance on all digital channels. If it’s not possible to watch every channel, consider other ways to deliver a special touch.

5. Recommend the Right Products With a Quiz

Last year Neiman Marcus rolled out an online gift service just in time for holiday shopping. Another brand, Function of Beauty, offers an in-depth consultation. In both cases, the company provides this service with a quiz

Quizzes are fun and informative. Due to the content format, consumers spend more time interacting on your social channel or website than with other types of content. Moreover, you can create holiday or campaign-specific quizzes personalized to your target audience. 

For best results:

  • Embed a quiz on your website, in emails, and post on social media
  • Develop a landing page for your quiz with a holiday feel
  • Target gift-givers or consumers looking for items for themselves
  • Create a quiz for subsets of your market or make them product-specific
  • Give the quiz results in return for the user’s email address
  • Provide an opt-in box for your email newsletter

Celebrate National Inspirational Role Models Month

Empower your audience this November with a campaign centered on National Inspirational Role Models month. Generate marketing ideas focused on inspirational leaders in your company and industry while highlighting customer stories. Then, create compelling narratives that help your audience see themselves in your story. 

6. Share a Story of Beauty Under Pressure

Everyone goes through hard times. And in those moments, they feel alone. Sharing stories of those moments with your followers can humanize your brand and encourage your fans to push through their challenges. Talk about a hurdle you faced and how you got through it. 

Increase engagement on your social media posts by leaving a call-to-action that asks if anyone has experienced something similar or has advice for others. Make sure to monitor your post and thank those who add to the conversation.

7. Highlight the People You’re Thankful For

November is also National Gratitude month, so you can inspire your fans while sharing who you’re thankful for. Consider showcasing a team member, family member, customer, or mentor on your website and social channels each week. Increase views by creating a compilation of your stories and adding the blog post to your website.

You can make each inspirational profile unique or follow a template that includes:

  • An interesting detail about their life or job
  • Their favorite skincare or beauty products
  • The reason why you’re thankful for them
  • Their biggest skincare challenge

8. Ask Fans to Nominate a Hero

In 2020, Glossier shared video stories about its “Body Heroes,” including details about their lives and beauty routines. You can do something similar by creating a user-generated content (UGC) contest where your social media followers choose a hero to tell a story about. 

Encourage them to use video and images. Plus, don’t forget to ask contest entrants to use your contest hashtag and tag their heroes in their posts or comments. 

Generate Beauty Marketing Ideas to Improve Holiday Sales

You can use holiday marketing ideas to connect on a deeper level with your audience, from stories about heroes to a #ThankfulThursday challenge. Personalize your campaigns to your target market and use interactive tools on your website and social channels to increase engagement.  

Need help promoting your beauty brand? 

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