Staying Connected: 9 Digital Marketing Tactics You Can Do Right Now

Are you getting the response you need from online campaigns? Maybe you’ve noticed higher engagement rates on one channel but can’t seem to gain traction on another. Or your current digital marketing tactics deliver lackluster results. If so, it may be time to improve your approach to communications.

Diversifying your techniques and platforms supports the customer experience while protecting your brand. That’s a reason why “87% of retailers agree omnichannel is critical to their business,” according to Brightpearl.

Explore ways to spice up your digital campaigns using channels you’ve pushed to the back burner. Then, take steps to ensure a seamless experience with your multichannel marketing strategy.

How a Diverse Marketing Mix Protects Your Brand

That old cliche, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, certainly holds true with digital marketing. The thing is, you don’t “own” your Facebook page. Sure, it drives brand awareness and gives life to your digital marketing ideas. But, investing all your time into Facebook and ignoring your owned assets, like email or website, is risky. For instance:

  • At any moment, the platform could shut down (okay, this isn’t likely, but crazier things have probably happened in 2020).
  • News or trend-related content may get flagged for inaccuracy leading to a suspension of your account or a drop in views.
  • Your audience may boycott a channel or flee a social media platform, significantly reducing your following.

By broadening your channels and your digital marketing tactics, you’re not tied to one platform or plan. This provides agility and the ability to pivot quickly if outside forces threaten your results.

Ways to Develop a Multi-Channel Promotion Strategy

Don’t limit your reach. Instead, build diversity into your campaign distribution and promotion plans. For instance, when you host a Facebook giveaway, also develop a landing page. Create targeted posts for your social channels, like Instagram and Twitter. Embed your form in blog posts and email messages. Doing the above gives you access to audiences on different platforms.

Examples of Digital Marketing Tactics for Promotion

Improve the results of your marketing campaigns by regularly using a combination of platforms. Your omnichannel approach should include digital marketing activities such as:

  • Content marketing on your website
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Video marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Event and webinar marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Instant messaging marketing

How to Achieve Good Return on Investment (ROI)

Along with varying your channels, it’s vital to expand your understanding of your audience. That’s why certain digital marketing tactics help you personalize communications while improving data accuracy, both of which are critical to success. But what does that success look like?

According to a PFL and Demand Metric study, 50% of respondents “describe the ROI from an average multichannel campaign as good.” Another 6% call their return “very good.” For your brand, success may mean increasing your engagement levels on social media, boosting traffic to your website, or improving your data collection efforts.

9 Creative Digital Marketing Tactics

eMarketer reports, “The pandemic is hastening the development of new live streaming, video chat and gaming features on social platforms. However, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, assess your current campaigns and channel usage. Look for gaps where a digital marketing tactic may increase your reach and extend your resources.

1. Send an Email at a New Time

Old benchmarks with the best times to send emails may not hold true in 2020. As lives and habits change, it’s vital to reassess when your audience is online or checking email. For example, IMPACT notes how the brand started sending emails in the evening and saw an increase in open rates by 5% and 9%. Data from Campaign Monitor also shows changes in email activity during the pandemic.

Test Your Email Marketing Tactics

  • Share news about your latest promotion in an email sent later in the evening.
  • Ask fans to reply to your email and answer a poll about the best time to reach them.
  • Perform A/B testing by keeping subject lines and content the same, but sending the emails at different hours.

While you want to avoid spamming your audience with a constant barrage of emails, it’s important to deliver news about your latest Facebook giveaway or Twitter contest. Your fans may miss your campaign on social media, but you have a second chance by sending an email. And with Campaign Monitor showing that the “average open rate across all industries examined increased 4.1% in March 2020 and 3.5% in April 2020,” it’s a great time to engage customers who are checking email more frequently.

2. Promote an Exclusive Customer-Only Giveaway

What if your fans had a shot at winning a fun prize with every purchase? The thing is, your loyal clients buy their favorite items even when you don’t offer a coupon or promotion. But, they’ll want to share your exceptional deal with friends, so no one misses out on an opportunity for a free gift. Create a giveaway tied to recent purchases, then promote it using:

  • An email to existing customers alerting them to your giveaway
  • Social media posts showcasing your awesome contest prizes
  • A short video thanking customers and announcing your promotion
  • An email to leads (who’ve been to your website but haven’t converted) that gives them a reason to buy now

In the example below, CoPolished rewards customers with a giveaway entry. The Facebook post uses beautiful prize photos and lets the audience know that they’ll go live to announce the winner.

3. Select Unique Prizes to Capture Attention

Picking the right prizes for your campaign helps you generate the responses you want. But, people value experiences just as much, if not more, than physical things. Think about what value you could deliver in 30-minutes, and consider offering a digital version of your services for one or more winners. Give lucky fans a Zoom session or a Facebook Messenger meet-up with you or a member of your team.

Rob Thomas boosts charity donations with online marketing tactics that include social media posts and sponsored advertisements. Each person who donates gets a chance to win a private virtual question and answer session with him.

4. Create a SlideShare Presentation

Attract more users from every channel by repurposing existing content into a SlideShare presentation.  SlideShare is a highly visual way to share details about your products or service and supports an active LinkedIn strategy. This marketing activity supports a multichannel approach to communications while increasing website views and social media followers. Traffic Generation Cafe reported on the results of its 30-day campaign and nine SlideShare presentations:

  • Over 200k views
  • 1,400 clicks on the presentations
  • More than 400 new Facebook fans

5. Embed Your Contest in Your Blog

Embedding a contest on your website or blog is a fast and easy way to get more eyes on your promotion. When you embed a contest, you’ll add a piece of shortcode. It’ll automatically generate a call to action anywhere in your blog post. This digital marketing tactic breaks up the visual appearance of your blog post, reducing the need for an extra image while encouraging viewers to click through and check it out. Easily embed your contest using these steps:

  • Download and install the Woobox plugin.
  • Create a campaign in Woobox.
  • Navigate to the Embed section and pick WordPress as the “target platform.”
  • Copy and paste the shortcode anywhere in your blog post.

6. Host an Online Event

The pivot to online everything changes the way everyone connects. That’s why you see more live videos on social media platforms and virtual meet-ups in all industries. Your options for digital events include real-time webinars, customer-oriented cocktail hours, and FAQ sessions with experts.

Think about what types of online events deliver extra value to your audience. Then develop a campaign that promotes your virtual program across multiple channels.

7. Turn UGC Into a Video Compilation

User-generated content isn’t falling out of favor. Instead, brands use it to convert leads, increase their social media following, and delight fans. When you combine UGC and video, it’s a win-win. That’s because video marketing remains a huge way to captivate online users on all channels. Tips for success include:

  • Host a UGC video or image contest to collect user-created content
  • Turn video or images into compilation videos for various platforms
  • Post a longer video on YouTube and promote it using shorter videos on social media
  • Tag users who submitted pictures or videos

8. Develop a Contest Landing Page to Build Your SMS Marketing List

54% of consumers want to get text messages with promotions from brands, according to EZ Texting. However, only 11% of companies use this digital marketing tactic. Take advantage of this by creating a campaign that builds your SMS marketing list.

With a Woobox instant win sweepstake, contest, or giveaway, you can add an option for folks to opt into SMS marketing on your landing page.

9. Engage Instagram Followers With a Giveaway or Contest

Giveaways combining branded images, captivating copy, and a strong call to action continue to deliver big on social channels like Instagram. Tailwind reports:

  • “An Instagram contest or giveaway can help you grow your followers 70% faster in three months than if you didn’t host a contest at all.”
  • “Instagram contests get 3.5 times as many likes and 64 times more comments on average than regular posts.”
  • “91% of all of the posts in our study that received 1,000 or more comments were Instagram contests.”

However, remember to cross-promote your Instagram contest using other digital marketing tactics like video marketing, social media advertising, and email marketing.

Increase ROI With Multi-Channel Digital Marketing Tactics

Although social media channels support your awareness campaigns, it’s vital to invest in a diverse approach. Explore different ways to reach your audience using email, video, and SMS messaging. Once you pick your platforms, devise creative digital marketing tactics to captivate and delight fans.

Need help implementing your marketing ideas?

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