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Do’s and Do Not’s: Fangating

Growing your fan base on Facebook may be a high priority for your business and the Fangate feature will accomplish that in the best way possible, while avoiding policy violations. Keep these examples in mind when setting up your Fangate.

Reaching Out to Your Winners Over Social Media

You've had a great promotion and participants are eagerly waiting to find out who won. You may be wondering how to reach them... do you contact them directly or should you announce it on Social Media? Heck, why not both? But wait, did you even collect the right data to contact them directly?

8 New Facebook Timeline Hints to Help Manage Your Pages

As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, Woobox acknowledges your requests for transparency when managing your business Pages on Facebook. This list of tips will not only help you to navigate your business Page, but also to increase control over your social brand.

How To: Run the Same Promotion On Multiple Pages (Updated 7/20/17)

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you’d like to run a single promotion across multiple pages, with all the entries collected in the same data set. Whether your reason for this is to prevent participants from entering multiple times (as they might do if you were to run an individual contest on each page); or perhaps you have a photo contest for which you’d like to display all submissions (no matter where they come from) within the same gallery. Lucky for you, this can be done in just a few simple steps with Woobox’s promotion apps!
How To: Create a Quiz

How To: Create a Quiz

Are you looking for a fun promotion to run for your customers? Well, look no further, because the new Quiz app from Woobox is the perfect promotion for fun-seekers! With this application, you can set up a personality-style quiz to allow your customers to interact with your Facebook Page while also entering themselves into a contest. In this article, we will go over the process involved in creating a Quiz promotion from start to finish.