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3 Halloween Monster Guides to Social Media Contests

Gather round, gather round!

Meet 3 mystical, magical, and spoOOooOOooky monsters chock-full of All Hallow’s Eve wisdom that you can use on your next social media contest—or that you can customize to fit your own biz goals. Just don’t get too close—at least not without an extra clove of garlic.Keep Reading

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Back to School ideas
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Back to School Campaign Ideas for any Business

Back-to-School season is the second largest retail shopping holiday in the U.S. If you’re a retail store (especially one selling school supplies or clothes), it’s easy to capitalize on this time of year with coupons, BOGO sales or discounts on certain products or purchases.Keep Reading

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6 Terrible Promotion Ideas
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Immediately Fail with 6 Terrible Contest Ideas

At Woobox we strive to make our blogs helpful and inspirational. We assume everyone wants a successful promotion to increase followers and conversions.

And yet, maybe we’ve ignored an untapped market. Some people might want their promotions to be terrible, horrible, no-good very-bad failures!

(Everyone else: consider this a “DO NOT” article.)

Keep Reading

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