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how to plan online contests and sweepstakes for 2018
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Ignore Tired Holiday Marketing Campaigns & Plan For 2018 Instead

You know it well: now is the time of year where blogs and publishers will start rolling out the same tired advice and techniques that have been in holiday marketing articles for years. The holiday season is huge for most retailers, but creating a plan a month or so before doesn’t set you up for success. Instead of scrambling to create a clever holiday marketing campaign, your energy may be more effective if it went into being better prepared for 2018.

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6 Terrible Promotion Ideas
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Immediately Fail with 6 Terrible Contest Ideas

At Woobox we strive to make our blogs helpful and inspirational. We assume everyone wants a successful promotion to increase followers and conversions.

And yet, maybe we’ve ignored an untapped market. Some people might want their promotions to be terrible, horrible, no-good very-bad failures!

(Everyone else: consider this a “DO NOT” article.)

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