Facebook Tab On Mobile

We provide a unique URL for each of your campaigns that are not only desktop friendly, but are also mobile friendly, even with Facebook tabs! Here's how you can make your offer URL display prominently on your mobile Facebook business page using the Call to Action option on your business page.

Coloring Contest

One of the most popular activities on the planet right now (other than Pokemon Go!) is coloring... what better way to engage your users than with a contest that is fun, creative, and relaxing to a user. Luckily Woobox has you covered, let us show you how to create a coloring promotion!

Woobox Remixed: Photo Contest Categories

You could use any of our apps to accomplish your goals just by using the settings to your benefit. In this Woobox Remixed article, I will show you how to make photo categories and have them live on a landing page.

Do’s and Do Not’s: Fangating

Growing your fan base on Facebook may be a high priority for your business and the Fangate feature will accomplish that in the best way possible, while avoiding policy violations. Keep these examples in mind when setting up your Fangate.

Woobox Remixed: Rewarding Users with a Coupon

You can encourage users to enter into any promotion (other than enticing them with an awesome prize) by giving them a voucher for completing a task. Instant gratification, if you will. This is a smart way to get people to enter into an app without offering an overall prize, but rather, providing a discount after they enter.

UGC User Generated Content: Why it’s BIG

Social media: the OG of UGC. Each day social media is flooded with original content, many times displaying products or ideas that could relate to brands. In a sense, this is free, organic brand awareness.