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9 Mother’s Day Giveaway Ideas For Different Moms

This person whooped and hollered at the top of their lungs as you proudly walked down to (finally) grab your diploma. And, when the person they warned you about actually did break your heart, they were there to shield you from the world in a silent hug.

We’re dedicating this article to the real ones, the true MVPs in our lives; the one, the only: moms. To all the mamas out there—birth moms, step moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, stand-in moms, and everyone in between—this one’s for you. In this blog, we’re giving you a rundown on some of the best Mother’s Day giveaway ideas for whatever type of mom you’ve got in your life.

As a business owner, blogger, or creative entrepreneur wanting to create and host a giveaway, we understand you might not have all these products in your arsenal. To make the most out of your giveaway prizes, consider purchasing a few supplemental items in addition to the products your company sells to sweeten the package.

Another way to beef up your giveaway? Do a collaboration giveaway with other small businesses and pool together your amazing resources.

Regardless of what you choose to do, here are some of our favorite Mother’s Day giveaway ideas.

Mother’s Day Marketing & Giveaway Ideas

The Moviegoer Mom

Have a mom that’s a diehard movie fan? Here’s an idea: Host a giveaway or contest where you award two tickets to the movie theaters (preferably the ones with the reclining seats because #luxury) or if you’re feeling extra generous, a membership to the AMC Stubs A-List where you can watch three movies a week, popcorn, and those addictive flavored popcorn seasoning bottles. Does mama not like getting out of the house but still likes movies? Provide a subscription to Netflix or Hulu and an ultra-fluffy blanket specifically for those what-am-I-doing-with-my-life binge-watching sessions as a Mother’s Day giveaway prize instead.

The Fitness Guru Mom

If you are catering to moms who are 7-days-a-week-gym-fiends, then a great Mother’s Day giveaway idea for a gym, fitness apparel company, or workout guru is new workout shoes, a gym bag, and workout gear. If that’s too basic, think about the little things that enhance a workout such as super strength hair ties, headphones (or AirPods if you’re a baller), or a subscription to Spotify so they can create their perfect gym playlist.

Not targeting gym junkies, but yogis instead? You can never go wrong with a yoga mat giveaway and some funky leggings, sports bras, and Yogi tea

The Too-Tired-To-Function Mom

For moms that run on three hours of sleep, give them the chance to relax. As a contest for your Mother’s Day giveaway, put together a relaxation package for the too-tired-to-function mom. A gift card to a spa, bath bombs, candles, and a t-shirt to remind her how strong she is make a great do-it-yourself package. Or if you’re a hotel, giving away a one-night or weekend staycation at your hotel is a great way to drum up engagement and interest in your hotel contest on social media.

The “Wine is Healthy For You” Mom

We’ll bet you $200 that this mom says, “Actually a glass of red wine can be healthy for you,” whenever she has a group of friends over. The best Mother’s Day giveaway ideas for the wino moms include a bottle of wine (obviously), wine glasses (opt for out-of-the-box shapes and sizes), and a bar of chocolate for good measure.

The Craft Beer Mom

On the other spectrum of our wine mom is the craft beer mom. Put together a special craft beer pack or give away tickets to a brewery tour that allows you to create your own beer. Need additional ideas? Snacks good for munchies, a pair of beer glasses they can leave in the freezer, and a beer top collection art piece would make great supplemental prizes.

The “Here’s My Card” Career Mom

For the career mom who is always on the go, host a Mother’s Day giveaway that will add some ease into her already busting-at-the-seams schedule. A collaboration giveaway with a few retailers who sell fashionable briefcases, laptop cases, portable phone chargers or phone charging cases, and a smooth-like-butter pen are all excellent gifts for the business woman mother.

The Clean-Everything-Before-The-Guests-Arrive Mom

It is t-minus six hours before your guests arrive for a party at your family’s house and your mom is FREAKING OUT. There will be no signs of dust, no wrinkled curtains in sight… all signs of human beings living in the house should be exterminated. A so-clean-it’s-scary package is a great Mother’s Day giveaway idea (and maybe even for Halloween parties, if you’re feeling extra creative.) Cleaning products, trash bags, bleach, and air freshener plug-ins that smell like spiced Christmas evenings or slow-paced summer winds at the beach.

The Crunchy Granola Mom

Contrary to the clean-everything-before-the-guests-arrive moms who demand a spic and span home or else, crunchy granola moms are obsessed with “clean” but in the form of their nutritional and eating habits. These moms would enjoy a Mother’s Day giveaway prize package consisting of kombucha, healthy granola, wholesome nutrition products (100 extra points for nutritional products that include lactation support for new mothers)

The Read-50-Books-in-a-Year Mom

For bookstores, a great Mother’s Day giveaway prize is a collection of four of the hottest books of the year, or if you’d rather have your winner choose their books, give away a gift card. Amp up the gift card giveaway by collaborating with other small businesses that offer reading glasses, quirky bookmarks, non-bleed highlighters, and calming tea for hours of uninterrupted reading

Wrapping Up

Putting together the giveaway products is only half of the work. Make sure when you follow the social media rules for conducting contests and put some marketing strategies to use to get a bigger and better engagement rate. And when it comes time for choosing that winner? Utilize random winner generators and other contest accessories from Woobox to simplify your life and the lives of those who choose to enter your giveaway.