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5 Timely Mother’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Looking for some winning Mother’s Day giveaway ideas to drive some serious traffic and conversion actions on your site and social media accounts this year? We’ve got you covered.

For ecommerce merchants, Mother’s Day is one of the most important dates on the calendar to generate a slew of new sales and customers – not to mention improve your online presence and brand image.

A massive 83% of consumers are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 2021 Mother’s Day survey. Average per person spending is expected to hit $220.48, with total spending expected to exceed $28 billion – both record levels.

What’s more, the survey also reveals that people aren’t only planning on buying gifts for their moms this year (though they do, of course, make up the largest category), but every type of mom in their life – including wives, daughters, grandmothers, godmothers, sisters, and friends.

What type of Mother’s Day gifts are people planning to buy? The whole range – clothing (40%), jewelry (34.5%), flowers (68%), books and CDs (23%), greetings cards (72.5%), gift cards (47.5%), electronics (20.5%), housewares and gardening tools (25.5%), personal service gifts (25%), and special outings (49%).

Additionally, many buyers are considering “alternative” gift ideas. 23% are planning to give a “gift of experience”, for example, and 35% are interested in gifting a subscription box for Mother’s Day this year.

No matter what you’re selling, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for boosting sales and social media engagement by running Mother’s Day giveaways on your website and social channels. With so much competition across categories, it’s crucial you’re doing everything you can to inspire consumers to keep your brand in mind – especially those shopping for last-minute gifts.

5 Mother’s Day Giveaway Ideas for Marketing Promotions 

To help you prepare your Mother’s Day marketing campaign promotions, we’re sharing our top 5 Mother’s Day giveaway ideas to inspire you. Let’s dive in.

1. Photo Contests 

One great way to boost engagement across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is with a photo contest.

Photo contests are simple to set up and provide a fantastic opportunity to connect your brand to Mother’s Day. The stats show that there are nearly 300 million smartphone users in the US – and nearly all of those devices have a camera. It’s never been easier to create photographic content and upload it to the internet to share with friends and family – which is why your customers do it every day already. Give them a chance to win a special Mother’s Day gift by simply uploading a photo and asking their followers to like and share it, and you’ll create a real buzz for your brand and generate tons of engagement.

All you need to do is create a Mother’s Day-related theme, with either a hashtag for the campaign to collect submissions, or a dedicated entry form on your site. So, here are a few Mother’s Day giveaway ideas for photo contest promotions:

  • Branded photos – Ask followers to upload a photo with their mom and one of your products
  • Mother and child photos – Ask for photos of moms with their children
  • Crafty kids – Ask for photos of things children have made especially for their moms
  • When we were young – Ask for photos of moms when they were younger
  • Favorite places – Ask followers for photos of places or locations that are special for their moms

Here’s a great example from Gargi Kidz last year – all people had to do was to send a photo of “Mom & Child” that illustrated the vision of “children rising up to reach their potential”, with special prizes for winners.

2. Video Contest 

The cameras on your customers’ smartphones don’t just take photos – they shoot video footage as well.

Video contests are a fantastic way to boost engagement, likes and shares on your website and social media channels. Let’s be honest – our moms are like movie stars. They take center stage in our upbringing, and we look up to them and celebrate them from the moment we’re born.

Video contests are a great way to let your customers put their mom in the limelight. Here are a few ideas.

  • Tell your mom’s story – Ask followers for videos telling stories of how their moms inspired them
  • Branded videos – Ask followers to demonstrate how their moms use your tools, makeup, or appliances
  • Supermodel moms – Ask followers to film themselves giving their moms a special Mother’s Day makeover
  • Caption this video – Create your own branded Mother’s Day video and ask followers to create the perfect caption for it
  • Queen of the Kitchen – Share a recipe, and ask your followers to video their moms making it

Here, One Stop Stores created a combined video and photo contest, asking followers to upload a photo or video thanking their mom using #WINwithOneStop on the ONE STOP Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page for a chance to win a spa day – plus extra prizes for runners up.

3. Instant Win Contests

Instant win contests are prize draws in which consumers know immediately whether they have won and can claim their prize. They’re excellent for creating a sense of urgency – and for generating lots of quick sign-ups, followers, and subscribers to your brand. This opens up marketing opportunities that will last long after the initial event has passed.

Using the right tools, you can control the odds of winning (e.g., First 100 people to enter win a free gift voucher) as well as the frequency of re-entry attempts.

This instant win Mother’s Day giveaway from Timekettle is a great example of how all you need is a bright, eye-catching image and a simple entry form to create a successful contest.

4. Comment to Enter Giveaways

The way to boost social media posts is to encourage followers to leave comments – which is precisely why comment to enter Mother’s Day giveaways are a great opportunity to increase your brand’s visibility across your social networks this year.

To run a comment to enter giveaway, simply create your promotion and post to InstagramYouTubeFacebook, or Twitter. Then, you can either read and manually select the best comment, or, to give all participants a fair chance, you can use specialized tools like Woobox to randomly select winners from all users who left a comment.

Pulbrook & Gold ran a great comment to enter Mother’s Day giveaway in the UK this year. Followers could leave a comment on the brand’s Instagram post to nominate someone to win a special prize.

Hashtag Giveaway Promotions 

hashtag giveaway promotion is an online contest whereby you ask your followers to post a piece of content on a social network, accompanied by a specific hashtag, in exchange for a chance to win a prize.

Hashtag giveaways are a great way to drum up some user generated content (UGC), and the content itself can be anything you like, such as photos, videos, or comments.

You can stick to one social network, or, using a platform like Woobox, you can run your hashtag contest across multiple networks at once, expanding your reach and creating extra buzz for your Mother’s Day giveaway.

Hobbycraft created a hashtag competition in the UK this year for Mother’s Day. Followers were asked to share a project that was influenced or inspired by their mom for a chance to win a voucher. To enter, they had upload a photo or video to Instagram or Twitter using #MadeWithMum.

Mother’s Day Giveaway Prize Ideas

Below is a quick list of the top prize ideas we’ve seen work for Mother’s Day giveaways.

  • Spa days
  • Beauty treatments and makeovers
  • Theatre/Movie tickets
  • Getaway weekends
  • Babysitting services – plus restaurant vouchers for a well-deserved night out
  • Wine boxes
  • Shopping spree worth $XXX
  • Gift cards

Ready to Run a Mother’s Day Giveaway?

Need help setting up and implementing your Mother’s Day giveaway idea? Woobox is here to help. From Instagram hashtag contests and comment giveaways, to photo and video contests run simultaneously across multiple platforms, we’ve got you covered across all your online marketing channels. Woobox Support is available from 8 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday at 1-360-450-5200 and