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4 Mother’s Day Giveaway Ideas: Gifts That Moms REALLY Want

Since its inception over 100 years ago, by a proclamation from President Woodrow Wilson, Mother’s Day has been considered a big holiday. Over 63 percent of survey respondents said they plan on buying a gift for their mother or stepmother, and about $23.6 billion was spent celebrating Mother’s Day last year in the United States, according to the National Retail Federation.

Every Mother’s Day gift guide is filled with the same gifts, year after year: nail polish, lotion, possibly flowers delivered to her from the local florist. But what about holding a giveaway that actually makes mothers’ lives easier or more relaxing?

Make your Mother’s Day giveaway stand out this year by offering a unique giveaway that will show just how much we all appreciate our mothers. Mothers appreciate being thought of every May, but actually taking the time to get her a gift that she’d want and that makes her life easier is going to be a home run!

We polled mothers to find out what they really wanted for Mother’s Day. While some were obvious (a pedicure and manicure), others were some novel ideas that would be great giveaway prize for almost any mom to appreciate.

Here are some of our favorite business giveaway ideas for Mother’s Day:

Self Care Package Prize Idea

Several respondents to my question answered a variation of this: a “day off” where mom can take some time to relax.

Jules Taggart, a Content Strategy Consultant and mother of two, suggested, “one weekend in a hotel alone with wine, uninterrupted sleep, and a good book with more words than illustrations in it. Also, don’t call me and ask what to feed the kids for dinner and where we keep the diaper rash cream.”

Moms often put themselves last, so letting her take time to put herself first would certainly be appreciated. This would be a great giveaway prize because it can be arranged easily as a package to allow mom to take a treasured day to herself.

A Self Care Day or Weekend Prize Package could include:

  • Solo hotel room for one or two nights so mom can get some sleep
  • Spa services, like a massage, pedicure, or manicure
  • Housecleaning services that take place while mom is away relaxing so she comes home to clean house
  • Gift cards to restaurants, spa, bookstores, or other area businesses around the hotel that she can enjoy

When possible, work with local businesses to put together a great giveaway package that lets mom regroup and reset with time away.

Household Gifts Prize Ideas

Several different moms who responded to my request also listed variations of getting things done: someone else to take care household duties or errands that needed to get accomplished, but moms just haven’t found the time to do so yet.

Some could make great giveaway gifts because it gives mom an excuse to finally cross something off her never-ending to-do list. Parents and kids can even schedule the appointment or run the errand themselves, making it even easier on the mom!

Ideas included:

  • Car Detail Gift Card: Giveaway winners can get mom’s vehicle sparkling clean and organized with a complete detail, which families can do on her behalf (maybe during work or by switching vehicles for the day?)
  • 5-10 Hours With a Professional Organizer:  A few moms wished that someone would come organize an area of their house that always seems cluttered, like the pantry or closets. A few hours with a professional organizer can help make areas of the home that are used regularly much more efficient, cutting down on time and frustration. This can make a big difference for moms who may be cooking most of the meals or wanting an easier way for kids to get dressed in the morning.
  • 5-10 Hours of Handyman Service: A mom’s to-do list may also include several little chores throughout the house, from cleaning the windows to repairing a leaky faucet. A giveaway package of handyman hours could help those things that are a bother on a daily basis suddenly get done.

What could other common household tasks make a mom’s life easier? Think about what the moms in your audience would truly appreciate getting taken care of heading into summer.

Creative Ideas: Trips and Experiences

While some moms appreciated getting time to themselves to decompress, or to finally get those errands done they’ve been meaning to do for ages, a few mentioned spending time with their family.

For moms with really busy schedules, this could include a vacation giveaway package that lets her spend some quality time with her partner and kids. A cruise or even weekend getaway to a nearby city could all be great ways to let families spend some time together.

As kids get older, it can be harder to spend time together due to conflicting schedules, so many moms appreciate vacations or experiences that let families enjoy each other’s company.

Jackie Jamison, a mom of three in Virginia, wrote that she would enjoy fun activities with her kids when they are all adults: “all I will want is to hang out with them for a day …. won’t even matter what the activity is … shopping, winery, spa …. just quality time together!”

If a paid vacation is out of your giveaway budget, consider what else you can offer for a one-day or afternoon experience that can help moms create memories with their kids. A wine tasting at a local winery or gift card to a nearby shopping center could give families the excuse to meet up and spend time together. If your business is local or has physical locations, ask other local businesses if they’d want to trade services or gift cards so you both can do a gift card giveaway for your audience.

Fun Giveaway Idea: Family Game or Craft Night

While a grand gesture package like a weekend in a hotel and spa or a paid vacation is a great prize for any business to sponsor, giveaway prizes don’t have to break the bank.

A few moms answered something a little more low key—just simply time together at home or doing the things they live. One mom wrote, “I actually like when we get time together that isn’t because we’re going to do something specific. Like just loading up the car with the dog and spend the day at the park. The key for Mother’s day though is I don’t want to have to plan or direct the day. Just enjoy my family.”

“One mom wrote, ‘I actually like when we get time together that isn’t because we’re going to do something specific. Like just loading up the car with the dog and spend the day at the park. The key for Mother’s day though is I don’t want to have to plan or direct the day. Just enjoy my family.'”

To help moms enjoy spending time with their family, consider putting together themed night prize packages. This could include a “movie night”—either out to a theater or at home—with movie gift cards, popcorn, snacks, and a cozy blanket to camp out on the couch with.

For families that enjoy doing something a little more active, a “craft night” package could also be a fun giveaway prize. This could include a craft kit (that are usually sold with all parts needed at craft stores and online) so families can make birdhouses, art, key chains, t-shirts, or other fun items together. This gives everyone a fun memento that commemorates the evening together celebrating mom!

No matter what, try to create a Mother’s Day giveaway that not only ties back to your business but also includes gifts that mothers would actually use and appreciate. Consider what makes moms’ lives easier or more enjoyable, and focus on creating an experience that lets her relax and enjoy celebrating being a mother.