Re-Gifted: The Best of Woobox Holiday Posts

We believe the best gifts are the ones that keep on giving but that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a subscription to the Jelly Of The Month Club. We had a lot of successful promotions during the Holiday season last year and we thought you’d enjoy a recap of some of our most popular and helpful posts. So use this post as a guide to get your marketing sleigh through the fog this year.


Woobox Case Study: Lights4fun Christmas Photo Contest

The holiday season is a time of giving and in that spirit, Lights4Fun held a Photo Contest to give one local charity a £1000 donation. It’s a great success story of how one brand used the holiday season to increase brand awareness and engagement while doing good in their community.


Quick and Easy: Holiday Timeline Post Promotions!

It doesn’t take months of planning to run a successful promotion. This blog post will give you ideas on how to use your biggest contact point on Facebook, your customer’s Newsfeed, to host creative promotions. You’ll also learn how to use Woobox tools to make the whole process easier than naming all nine of Santa’s Reindeer.


20 Holiday Photo Contest Ideas [INFOGRAPHIC]

According to a number I just made up, 36% of all photos are taken between Thanksgiving and New Years. Regardless of the percentage taken there is almost nothing during the Holiday season that goes undocumented. This Infographic has 20 great ideas for Photo Contest that will help your brand capitalize on all that Christmas Cheer…and selfies.


Build Brand Loyalty With Holiday Sweepstakes

You don’t have to wait on Santa to deliver your company brand loyalty for Christmas. This post will give you the inspiration to run your own Sweepstakes with examples of successful promotions from other Woobox users. So go ahead, get marketing department a nice promotion, you deserve it.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Woobox!