How much does the Like-Gate ban really affect your campaigns? Here are the numbers.

November 5, 2014

The era of required Like Gates has now ended. How effective is your new option? We’ve sifted through that data so you know what to expect now that policy prohibits requiring Likes for promotions.

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What is Your Fan Value Proposition?

September 26, 2013

The past few weeks have been an exciting time here at Woobox – full of new product launches and new opportunities to help page admins engage their fans. And we encourage page admins to experiment with the new options available to them.
Today, however, we are going to ask you all to stop what you’re doing, put down the mouse and put on your thinking cap. Sure, the new promotional opportunities are exciting, but before you launch your next promotion, install a new page tab or even post a page update, you must first discover – TRULY discover – what value you are providing to you fans. The stronger your understanding of your fan value proposition, the easier it will be …

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Free Tool to Pick Winners and Export Likes & Comments on Facebook Posts

August 29, 2013

When Facebook announced on Tuesday that they were relaxing their promotions policy, reaction to the news on their Facebook for Business page was overwhelmingly positive (“Yay! This is great news, thanks Facebook, its about time!”), but the comment that perked our ears up – and was repeated by many more – was this one:
“What’s an easy way to pick a winner? Especially when you have thousands of comments… Thoughts?”
In what seems to be a simple way to execute a promotion via “like to win” or “comment to win”, the concern among page admins and the new Facebook promotions policy seems to be a resounding “How are we going to effectively manage and select our winners?”
Woobox is proud to offer an …

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Running Contests & Promotions on Google+

November 10, 2011

Have you read the Google+ page promotion policies yet?  Here they are: http://www.google.com/intl/en/+/policy/pagescontestpolicy.html
The first line of the policy reads: You may not run contests, sweepstakes, offers, coupons or other such promotions (“Promotion”) directly on your Google+ Page. What does that really mean?  What is directly on the page?
Google helps clarify in the next sentence:  You may display a link on your Google+ Page to a separate site where your Promotion is hosted … Great. That’s exactly what Woobox does, host your promotions.   Since there is no Google+ equivalent (yet) to a Facebook tab, and no way to actually build a page app for Google pages, the policy language is probably temporary.   It’s hard to imagine Google won’t change …

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