How much does the Like-Gate ban really affect your campaigns? Here are the numbers.

The era of required Like Gates has officially ended. But, not to worry; since we’ve probably run more Like-Gated promotions than anyone, we’ve sifted through that data to let you know what to expect now that page policy prohibits requiring or even incentivizing for Likes. How effective is your new option?

Even though you can no longer make Liking a requirement to enter a promotion or gate content, you can still, of course, ask users to Like your page along the way. It just so happens that this is something we’ve been doing for quite awhile now; with many of our customers giving users a choice, rather than requiring a Like for years. Turns out we had this burning question that we’d never looked at before…

How effective is it to ask for a Like versus require one as part of a promotion.

Well, we already had all the data; so all we needed to do was take a look and analyze it. Which is exactly what we did, for over 20 million participants in recent promotions on Woobox. Here’s what we found:


Promotions which asked for a Like (but did not require it) had 78% of the Likes vs promotions that required all users to Like to participate.

While we had a feeling the number was going to be pretty high, just based on anecdotal evidence we’d seen over the years; even we were a little surprised it was 78% (although a couple people on our customer success team came pretty close with their guesses)… We’ve seen it time and time again; the most popular reasons people “Like” brands’ pages is to participate, or receive information about, promotions. If users are participating in your promotions, there is a fairly high chance they are interested in seeing more of your updates.

Giving users choice is great for them, and for you. You end up with a base of fans that truly want to Like you. They don’t feel obligated to falsely click the “Like” button just because they wanted to participate in a promotion. Ultimately, we believe the quality of fans is much more important than the quantity.

Your results may vary, of course; and we can only speak for the results we’ve seen based on use of our promotion apps and the way we’ve implemented the user experience. As always, we’d love to hear your comments and experiences! If you’d like to run a promotion for yourself and see the results you get, you can signup here: