How much does the Like-Gate ban really affect your campaigns? Here are the numbers.

November 5, 2014

The era of required Like Gates has now ended. How effective is your new option? We’ve sifted through that data so you know what to expect now that policy prohibits requiring Likes for promotions.

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KidKraft Fangate

Facebook Policy Change Prohibits Like-Gating

August 13, 2014

Facebook has changed their policy on incentivizing people to like your page. In the past, you were allowed to require that people must Like your page in order to receive some incentive such as entering a promotion, obtaining a coupon, or viewing content. Beginning November 5th, 2014 Facebook policy now prohibits incentivizing for people Liking you page.

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Create an Instagram Photo Contest with Hashtag Entry

May 6, 2013

Woobox now makes it incredibly simple to run a Photo Contest that integrates with Instagram posts.  You choose a specific hashtag, and photos posted with that hashtag will automatically be entered into your Photo Contest!
WARHEADS® just ran a campaign utilizing the Instagram entry functionality, with the hashtag #showusyourcubes to promote their new Sour Chewy Cubes candy.  As you can see from the contest screenshot below, this encouraged a lot of creativity from WARHEADS fans, which resulted in more fan interaction with the contest, and some very fun submissions!

How does it work?
The Woobox Photo Contest application will automatically monitor Instagram for posts with your hashtag, and import entrant photos into the submissions dashboard, where you’ll have the chance to review and …

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Video Contest Submit Video

The Hobbit’s Video Contest Promotion

March 30, 2013

Warner Bros wanted a great way to have fans submit video questions for Peter Jackson about The Hobbit for a live event.  They needed an easy way to have fans submit videos and also wanted to display those videos in a Facebook Page Tab gallery so other fans could view them.   It turned out to be a perfect fit for the Woobox Video Contest app.
The submission form you see below allows users to submit the YouTube URL of their video question.  Having users submit their videos to YouTube first means that the videos get even greater exposure, and can be viewed by the public on both Facebook and YouTube.  Once the video is submitted, the user is shown a …

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LUNA’s Cheer Card Contest

March 6, 2013

For LUNA’s Cheer Card Contest, fans can submit their best “cheers” to be voted on by other fans. The contest application automatically converts a user’s text entry into a cheer card image using the background and font LUNA supplied.  The cheer card then goes into a voting gallery where fans can vote for their favorites.  The winning cheer card slogans will be printed onto actual cheer cards to line one mile of the Nike Women Half Marathon in Washington, D.C. and cheer on the runners.

When LUNA approached us with the idea, we knew 90% of the solution was already built with our Photo Contest application.  There were only a few things we would need to add to the Woobox platform …

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