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10 Facebook Contest Examples: Increase Leads Without More Ad Spend

Consumers have long flocked to activities that allow them to rest their minds after a long day of work. With the introduction of social media, people can scroll through their...

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6 Tips for Adding LinkedIn to Your Giveaway Marketing Mix [+ Examples]

Does your giveaway marketing mix include LinkedIn? Although LinkedIn features 630+ million users, only an estimated 1% post content weekly. This gap indicates an opportunity for brands to shine. Take advantage of...

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12 Tactics for Mastering Twitter Without Alienating Followers

There’s no question that Twitter and Facebook users differ. Hootsuite reports, “US-based Twitter users are younger, have more education, and more income than the general US population.” The speed of the platform...

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12 Captivating January Contest Examples You Can Schedule Now

Are you bracing yourself for a drop in January sales? After the boon from holiday purchases, many companies find that consumers spend the least in January. But that doesn't mean...

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