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Fall In Love With These Valentine’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Is this love in the air or an amazing opportunity for brands to scale their business? We think it’s both! Valentine’s Day is just a one-day holiday but brands go all out with their marketing campaigns on this day. Why? Because people love to express their love for their significant other with the most extravagant and romantic gestures and gifts. As a brand, it’s the perfect day to express your love for your customers too.

If you’re not convinced, here are some statistics to sweep you off your feet. According to the latest report by the National Retail Federation on Valentine’s Day, people spent an average of 21.8 billion dollars on gifts for partners, friends, pets, and others. 

The pandemic could not stray the cupid’s bow away from its aim. Nearly half of the U.S. adults planned to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021 and three-quarters of them wanted to celebrate the holiday because of the situations created by the pandemic. Nearly 3 in 4 people felt it was important to celebrate this day because of the pandemic.  

One of the best ways to do that is – giveaways; you cannot go wrong with them. Giveaways are a very effective social media tactic used by many social media strategists to grow their followers, create engagement and drive more traffic to their pages. 

Here are some of the best and most successful giveaway ideas that will woo your customer’s boo and work for you too.

Multi-network Giveaway

The coolest and most trending feature on Instagram lately is the collaborative feature. This feature allows you to collaborate with another brand and showcase your content to your followers as well as the followers of the other brand. Collaborate with brands that can complement your business to host a mega giveaway that can cater to both your audiences. 

For example, if you are in the chocolates/sweets business you can collaborate with a local cafe. Or go crazy and collaborate with a brand that is nowhere close to your industry; like the way Etude (a makeup brand) collaborated with Hershey’s (a chocolate brand). When it comes to Valentine’s gifts, chocolate and makeup are a match made in heaven! Etude and Hershey’s understood that and used it to their advantage to make a special edition of chocolate makeup and also gave away some Hershey’s chocolates and the special edition makeup to some lucky winners. 

Be mindful of your target audience when collaborating with a brand. The main advantage of a multi-network giveaway is to host the giveaway with twice the number of users as you would do with just one.

Win Vouchers 

A majority of Valentine’s plans involve a dinner date. In fact, most of them are incomplete without a dinner at the hottest or newest spot in town. So why not leverage this and give your audience vouchers or coupons for their favorite restaurant? Contests can help create more engagement, gain followers and build traction for your page. Host a contest on your social media pages to select your winners. You can ask them to enter the contest with simple tasks like – tell us what you love about your partner the most? Or what made you fall in love with your partner? Choose the best answers and don’t forget to announce and congratulate the winners! 

Valentine-themed Products

There are a few things that are staple for every Valentine’s Day and some gifts you can never go wrong with. Some of these gifts are beauty products, perfumes, teddy bears, chocolates, jewelry, and the like. Hosting a giveaway that relates to the Valentine’s Day theme can be beneficial for you as people are already looking to get these gifts for their significant others. 

For example, if you are a cosmetics brand, you can have some limited edition valentine’s day themed pouches to keep makeup in. Galmourbox hosted a giveaway with a special edition Valentine-themed product along with other goodies. 

You can also go the extra mile and make these themed products personalized, wherein people can write the names of their significant others to make these themed products extra special. 

Valentine’s Day Giveaways For Friends

Who said Valentine’s Day is just for couples? In fact, Generation Z and Millennials like to celebrate this holiday with their friends and family too. A survey conducted by Ypulse found that 50% of 13-39-year-olds are with someone or officially in a relationship and 80% of those in relationships would be celebrating the holiday. But it’s not just the couples who like to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Generation Z and Millennials are redefining Valentine’s Day by celebrating it with their dear friends and family. In fact, according to the survey’s findings, 74% of youngsters plan to spend this day with their family and friends. Another shocking finding was that 41% of young singles would be celebrating this holiday as well. 

These findings can be very beneficial to brands as they can widen their target audience by hosting a campaign for Valentine’s Day that extends to not just couples but singles as well. You can host this kind of giveaway in multiple ways. Ask people to tag their friend group they would like to celebrate Valentine’s Day with one special reason and give away certain discounts/vouchers/products or anything else you would like to promote. You could also host a singles night at your store/cafe – you could give this a meet-cute angle, play games, and give away some of your products for these competitions. 

G star raw for example hosted a giveaway with customized jackets for best friends. They called it Valentine’s giveaway, but to us, it seems like a Galentine’s giveaway. Galentine’s has been gaining popularity recently and is usually celebrated on the 13th of February. 

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve 

Don’t be afraid of hosting giveaways, they always work; especially during the holidays. Giveaways bring your brand more traction, followers, engagement, and even new customers. Here’s a summary of the kind of giveaways you can host on Valentine’s Day:

  • Multi-network Giveaway – Collaborate with brands and host a mega giveaway
  • Win Vouchers – Giveaway vouchers to the newest restaurant in town 
  • Valentine-themed products – Launch a limited edition of valentine themed products 
  • Valentine’s Giveaway with friends – Extend the holidays to singles as well 

However, we understand that hosting a giveaway can be tedious and difficult to execute all by oneself. That is why Woobox is always here to help you out! Woobox’s advanced features help you create easy Giveaways, Contests, Polls, Forms, Coupons, and a lot more! Getting in touch with us is even easier, our support team is always just a call away. 

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