Reach Parents With These Halloween Giveaway Ideas

Halloween is such a fun time for families, especially kids. Parents usually begin looking for Halloween costumes, decor, and treats in the early Fall to prepare for October 31st.

Take advantage of these searches with Halloween and trick-or-treat themed giveaways that engage customers and celebrate the holiday. Because many people start looking long before late October hits, run your giveaways now to give them time to celebrate one of the most beloved times of the year.

Give Away In-Demand Costumes

Every year, there are always a few costumes that sell out in stores quickly. Stay ahead of the crowd and research trending costumes on Amazon and eBay to find what’s going to be most popular this year. For instance, costumes from popular TV shows like Riverdale and Derry Girls are expected to be a big hit for teens and adults. For younger kids, costumes from their favorite TV shows like Arthur, Spongebob SquarePants, and The Descendants are sure to be a hit. If these costumes aren’t available in stores, many winners would also appreciate a “DIY kit” that contains all the crucial components that make the costume a success.

If all else fails, a gift card to a place that sells costumes, like Party City or Amazon, is another great way to allow users to grab their dream Halloween costume for themselves or their kids. Taking the worry and burden off deciding where and what to “be for Halloween” is often a gift in itself for harried parents who have busy family schedules this time of year.

Create Festive Party Kits

Halloween gatherings or fun trick-or-treat (or trunk-or-treat, which is getting to be more popular with church groups, offices, and those living in unsafe neighborhoods) party kits can make celebrating on October 31st much more fun. There are some “party kits” for Halloween that are pre-made as a package or, it’s easy to create one internally that includes supplies like:

  • A large bowl for candy for trick-or-treaters
  • Halloween candy to give away
  • Themed cups, napkins, and cutlery
  • Party decorations, like banners or signs
  • Photo/selfie booth props
  • Fake edible blood to add to drinks or decorations
  • Party favors, like fun costume glasses

Just as with costumes, this takes the guesswork out of planning for the holiday with a premade package of treats that is sure to make this time of year more fun than ever. Pre-made party kids can also inspire people to do more around the holiday, which can serve your business’ best interests if it sells related items. For instance, a grocery store or restaurant could benefit from offering party packages because many people would also purchase their products to go along with what they won.Halloween packages can also be more simple than including what it takes to throw an entire party. Just some candy, other sweet treats, and a few celebratory decorations can often be enough to spur more people to enter the giveaway.

Offer Local Attraction Tickets

Most communities offer a lot of fun fall activities this time of year. Many towns will hold fall festivals or craft fairs, and local attractions also open up, like county fairs, haunted houses, and pumpkin patches. Parents are looking for fun activities that they can do on the weekends with their kids to get everyone out of the house to enjoy the cooler weather.

Giving away tickets to popular local attractions or events can be a great way to get people more engaged with your business while also supporting the local community. If your business has a booth at an event, you may have tickets to give away as part of your sponsorship or involvement,  so giving them to your online audience can be a great way to promote your appearance at the event and also give back to your customer base.

Besides local festivals, consider giving away tickets to local football games, whether they are collegiate or pro. Many times, the cost of these tickets can be prohibitive for many people’s budgets, so giving away a pair or four-pack for free can give your audience a chance to enjoy a game out in the cooler weather.

The local venues and event websites and social media pages may also share your posts sharing details about your giveaway, leading to more free promotion and publicity about your business. Working hand-in-hand to support the local community can help spread the word about what you offer.

Introduce a “Fall makeover” Decor Package

Author Gretchen Rubin mentions fall as being a “second New Year” on her self-improvement podcast with her sister, Happier. Because many people have kids starting school or they themselves remember the freshness that came with starting a new school year. With that change and transition into the fall season from summer, there is a natural chance to do some deep cleaning, set up new habits, and make changes leading into the holiday season. For this reason, giving away a “fall makeover” package can be an enticing and motivating giveaway for your customer base.

A makeover package doesn’t have to be home interior design or renovation services (though it certainly could), but it could also mean decorating for fall and Thanksgiving. Offer a locally-made fall-themed wreath or a porch decoration that celebrates the fall season. You could also include touches that make a home or office seem cozier and ready for the cooler weather. This includes fall-themed pillows, throw blankets for movie nights, or essential or wax melts to make it smell like apple pie or pumpkin spice.

Many people love decorating and celebrating fall, as it has some fun holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving. Lean into the spirit of the season by bundling some fun fall decor into a great giveaway!

Show off a Free Fall Foods Package

Pumpkin spice-flavored everything continues to dominate the store shelves, but many other fall flavors like apple cider and hefeweizen beer are also treats that many people start thinking about as we transition into fall. Creating a gift basket with some of the best fall flavors can be a great giveaway for a local audience. Bonus points for including local foods, such as apple butter or cider donuts.

Cinnamon bread, donuts, and coffee are flavors that get more popular in autumn. Consider creating a large gift basket with some of the best fall flavors to get your audience excited and ready for fall get-togethers and time spent with family and friends.

Fall is meant to be a time spent watching football with friends, eating delicious seasonal food, and enjoying time outdoors at local events. Whether it’s costumes for trick-or-treating or pack of Halloween movies for a fun night in, embrace the fall excitement by offering fun giveaways for families. They’ll love getting to do something with their kids, and companies and local organizations will appreciate the support. Offering giveaways that are unique and different from your competitors can also make your business more memorable, which is crucial heading in the winter shopping season after fall ends.

Contacting Woobox Support

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