10 Sweepstakes Ideas to Put a Spring in Your Quarterly Prep

Now that spring has officially come for all of us, everyone is excited to get back outside after hibernating indoors to avoid freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. Take advantage of this enthusiasm for the season of renewal to run sweepstakes that embrace the idea of getting out of the house to spend time with friends and family.

Below are some of the best Spring-themed sweepstakes ideas for any industry, from fitness to green living.

Giveaway a Spring Outdoor Activity

Instead of a physical prize, why not do sweepstakes for a great outdoor activity to celebrate Spring? Maybe it could be a picnic in the park, concert tickets, or something that your audience would enjoy doing with their family or friends. Consider your target audience’s interests—if you own a gym, for instance, you could hold sweepstakes for free registration to your local 5k or marathon.

For activity sweepstakes, try to think about activities that your audience wants to do, but may not be able to afford or justify spending on themselves.

Mother’s Day

According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day is the most popular holiday of Spring, at least from a spending perspective. Last year, it was estimated that people spent $23.6 billion on Mother’s Day gifts and activities. Use this opportunity to celebrate mothers with a special giveaway that honors all the hard work they put in.

A popular sweepstakes prize for mothers is usually a spa day gift card, so moms can enjoy a massage, facial, or relaxation time to de-stress.  Some might appreciate a gift card to a nice restaurant and a babysitter for a date night.

However, whatever prize you offer for Mother’s Day should be targeted toward your audience. For instance, not all mothers may want a spa day. Do a poll on Facebook or Twitter (or through email) asking your audience what prizes they’d want most to get a better idea of what would fit best for this holiday.

May Day

May Day is considered the equivalent of the United States’ Labor Day in many countries. However, in the US, most people think of May Day on May 1st as a celebration of spring, with May Day baskets and outdoor games. If you’re running a sweepstakes in the United States, you can celebrate the coming of spring with a May Day basket giveaway of your own. Historically, May Day baskets consisted of flowers left on friends and neighbors’ doorknobs to celebrate the occasion. Giving away a gift card to a flower delivery service, or sending a bouquet from a local florist can be a great prize for anyone who wants to celebrate May Day and the coming of Spring.

BBQ or Grilling Sweepstakes

Being outdoors brings memories of cooking and eating outside for many families, so holding a giveaway for a new BBQ smoker or a patio grill is something that almost anyone would enjoy. These are usually big enough prizes to give away on their own, but you could also take it up a notch by offering additional items usually needed for outdoor eating—a patio set, umbrella, cutlery, and grilling utensils.

Having new outdoor items to celebrate the nice weather can help your audience feel ready to welcome family and friends for some quality time together.

Party Packages

Since people are feeling more social in the nice weather that Spring brings for most of us in the United States, you can also expand beyond the idea of outdoor cooking and do a fun party sweepstakes package.

Themed food packages would work well for food companies, such as Taco Tuesdays or Grill-Your-Own-Pizza night. For non-food companies, you can offer pool party packages for those who own their own pool so they can get ready for celebrations when it gets hot enough to swim. Pool inflatables, a cooler, sunscreen, and beach towels are always necessary for a fun day poolside.

Fire Pit

In some areas of the country, when temperatures haven’t quite gone up enough to start thinking about the pool, a fire pit giveaway is another good sweepstakes idea for Spring. Fire pits have some affordable options and don’t have to be permanently built into a backyard, so they can be moved anywhere.

They are a great prize because it still involves an outdoor and social component, so winners can enjoy being outside, even when the temperature drops when it gets dark outside at night.

Bundle your fire pit prize up with some chairs and blankets, and you’ll have a great package that can be used from Spring to Fall.

Flowers, Gardening, and Landscaping

For avid gardeners, Spring marks the beginning of growing and planting season for flower beds and vegetable gardens. Many gardeners get their plots ready in Early Spring, and then they can enjoy flowers or fruits, herbs, and vegetables from late Spring to early Fall.

A gardening package with seeds, plants, tools, or even professional landscaping services could help the winner get the garden of their dreams, no matter what they enjoy growing. Just make sure any prize you give away will still be useful by the time the sweepstakes is over (for instance, if it’s past planting season for the seeds you’re giving away, they won’t be much use to the winner that year).

Dog Lover Prizes

Warmer weather means more time can be spent outdoors with our pets. Dog owners often cut down or eliminate walks during the winter when it’s too cold to be outside, so celebrate the resurgence of more outdoor time with pets as a way to commemorate Spring.

A dog walking package could be a fun prize for a pet store or local business to give away—a new leash, harness, collar, and outdoor toys could make any winner and their dogs extremely happy. Since it’s for the outdoors and pets, try to go for high-quality supplies that will last—no one likes to receive a prize that breaks down quickly (especially if it includes a leash or collar that needs to be strong to prevent the dog from running away).

Car Washes

Spring usually means the end of snow and ice (save for those random snow storms in the middle of March), so many people usually wash their cars more since the weather is nicer.

That’s why a car wash or detail gift card or package is a great sweepstakes idea for Spring. Many people use Spring as an excuse to re-organize and clean everything they have been avoiding, and their vehicles are no different. Offer a car wash or detail package for your Spring sweepstakes to help your audience check that task off on their list.

Spring Cleaning

Speaking of cleaning and reorganizing, why not extend that urge to having everything fresh for Spring by offering some “spring cleaning” prize packages? These could include everything from a deep cleaning by a certified cleaning service to a bundle of natural cleaning or organic products to help your audience start their season off right.

Everyone loves a clean home, but it’s often overwhelming to think about doing a deep clean in the Spring. A package designed to make your audience’s cleaning a little easier helps them check one more thing off their list.

All of these prizes center around a few main areas, no matter the industry. They all are designed to help your audience enjoy their free time with family and friends and to also make their lives a little easier and less stressful through the help of services or products. Did you know that it’s free to create Woobox campaigns for your Spring giveaways? You only need a subscription when you’re ready to officially publish your campaign. Learn more about creating sweepstakes through the Woobox platform.