How to Require Video Views with a Quiz Sweepstakes – Woobox Remixed

Learn to make a Quiz-style Sweepstakes that requires users to watch a video and answer questions correctly to enter, all in the latest Woobox Remixed.

For this campaign type, we’ll create a Sweepstakes and include form fields with Quiz questions set as required. This method ensures users view a video before entering!

What’s the difference between running a Quiz Campaign and a quiz-style Sweepstakes?
A quiz allows users to participate regardless of if they answer all the questions correctly. After a user submits, it will tell them they got X out of X correct.
Using a Sweepstakes with required fields and answers will not allow users to submit if they answer any of the questions incorrectly.

Once you’ve created your Sweepstakes by inputting your initial settings, head over to your customize section to add your video.

After clicking “video” under elements, you can input the URL of the video you want to be displayed.

You can move the video around your entry page by dragging and dropping the video into place.

You may want to have the video above the form, especially if you have larger graphics or text elements on your page.

When it comes to asking your questions, try to make them require a user to watch the entire video. Asking a question that can be answered by watching the first 5 seconds of the video will likely result in few full video views.

To ask a question where a user must type the correct answer to submit, choose the password field to add to your form.

The password field allows you to customize the label, and this is where you ask a question. You can also set what answers are acceptable. The password is case sensitive. Consider writing the answer with the first letter as a capital and as lowercase (note: if you add multiple passwords, only separate with commas – no spaces). And of course, make it required.

You can only add one password field. If you want to ask more questions, you could add drop-down menus as well, which you can set to require.

You can name the field your question, add different options for answers (like a multiple choice question), and then write the required answer that would need to be chosen from the drop-down in order to enter.

You can customize text, add images, and so much more to make your offer unique and clear to understand. With the password and/or drop-down fields on your form, you’ll know with certainty that users have watched your video.

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