5 Facebook Contest Ideas

5 Great Facebook Contest Ideas

Hosting promotions outside of social media? Certainly possible, except some of us have goals of directing traffic to our Facebook pages. We’d like to increase page likes and gain new followers. If these goals are part of your marketing campaign, consider these 5 Facebook promotion ideas!

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1. Sweepstakes (with bonus entries for referrals)

Whether dropping your name and number into a box at the supermarket or entering online for a chance to win tons of cash, sweepstakes have driven business and brand awareness campaigns for decades. Making people aware of your brand or services using a giveaway plants a seed in their minds. Later, when an opportunity for your product or service arises, they’ll think of you and BAM – a new customer!

One of the least invasive ways to be made aware of a product or service is being referred by a friend or member of your family. That’s why bonus entries for referrals are so great. A current fan or customer can share a link to your offer and potentially earn bonus entries. Optional bonus entries can open your brand to an entirely new audience, who will remember you when they need your service, especially if you’re offering a great prize!

Be sure to enable the Fangate to ask all of those visitors to like your page before entering.

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2. Photo/UGC Contests

In the age of selfies and sharing our experiences with our digital world, User Generated Content contests are a no-brainer. Send traffic to your Facebook page so users can view submissions from other users, and inspire them to enter as well. Furthermore, this traffic can be fan-gated, and users can enter via a form on the entry page, or with a hashtag on their favorite selfie-

… er, I mean, social media platform.

More info on photo contests in this previous blog.

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3. Personality Quizzes

Want to increase social media engagement? Can’t give away an expensive prize? Personality Quiz to the rescue!

Remaining at the height of popularity on Facebook, personality quizzes are fun, engaging, and can get users returning to your page and referring friends. With 100% customizable questions, answer choices, and results, users could find out what celebrity they’re most like, what book or novel they should read next, or which one of your products best suits them.

The social media possibilities are endless. Check out some examples here.

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4. Instant Wins

Instant gratification, it keeps us buying scratch-off lottery tickets or sitting at slot machines. Knowing right away if you’ve won is way more fun and engaging than waiting for a random-draw at a future date… especially if you get to try again!

With a Woobox Instant Win promotion, you can reward users with vouchers for discounts and fun prizes of any kind. You can offer any number of available prizes and set the odds for winning each prize individually. Keep your page engagement high by allowing non-winners to try again after a certain period of time, or create even more buzz by making everyone a winner!

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5. Coupons

Great for online stores or brick-and-mortar retail establishments, hosting regular Coupon offers on your Facebook page helps keep customers coming back. From free samples to 10% discounts to BOGO offers, everyone likes saving money – and staying updated on new discounts and promotions is a big reason to like a brand’s Facebook page.

Coupons are also great for encouraging shares between shopping-savvy friends. You can create new offers from time to time, or host the same offer on your page and update the available coupon each week.

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Whatever product or service you offer, encourage customer engagement online and offline by making Woobox promotions a part of your marketing strategy. Have questions or need help with a promotion idea? Email us at support@woobox.com. We’d be happy to help!