Data from User Generated Content voters

Collecting data from UGC voters is now LIVE!

That’s right, the moment so many of you have been waiting for is here! Now you can collect names and email addresses (and even include an email opt-in) from voters in your Woobox Photo, Video, and UGC contests!

Celebrating data

Okay, if you’re done celebrating, here’s how to set up your voter data collection:
Go to the Edit screen of your Photo, Video, or UGC contest and scroll down to the Gallery section. Be sure that “Allow Voting” is enabled.

Edit -> Gallery

Click the toggle switch next to “Collect voter information.” If you would like to include a newsletter opt-in, also click the switch for “Include Opt-in Checkbox.” Since you can collect email addresses, you can now restrict voting by email address as well (but it isn’t necessary):

Collect voter data/restrict by email

That’s all the setup you need to do. When a user clicks to vote on a submission in the gallery, this is what they will see:

User-end data collection

Collected voter data will be available in the Votes Export:

Export votes section

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about collecting data from voters, feel free to email us at Happy remarketing!