Infographic: Create a Fluid On-Site Kiosk Experience

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As you may have heard, one of Woobox’s newest features is our Kiosk Mode option, now found under the Advanced & Presentation section. When using this setting at an event, refreshing your browser won’t work to display the entry page after someone enters (using a form on browsers means that the browser attempts to resubmit the data previously submitted). However, there are two great ways to make your offer flow seamlessly when hosting a Kiosk Mode promotion, here’s how:

Infographic for On-Site Kiosk Experience
An infographic explaining on-site Kiosk Mode.

If you are not on an HTML-enabled plan and would like to change the entry page/refresh link to “target=self” email us at the address below and we can help!

Log-in for free to start setting up your campaign for an on-site promotion. When you’re ready to go live you can then upgrade to have users participate! Have questions? Check out our Forum or email your questions to

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