See How Custom Landing Pages & Form Fields Are a Part of Every Woobox Campaign

Whether it’s a contest, coupon, giveaway, or other Woobox campaign, each promotional or marketing campaign has its own landing page.

Instead of driving people to generic websites or creating a separate page, this gives visitors a custom experience that increases engagement and gets results.

Following these step-by-step instructions, we’ll show you how to customize your landing page and how to add form fields. You can have a great looking – and customized – landing page for your campaign up and running in just minutes!

Key Takeaways From This Article

  • Every Woobox campaign type generates its own Landing Page/Microsite
  • Each Landing Page can have its own custom form fields
  • We’ll show you exactly how to design a landing page and form fields to get results

If you’ve already created a campaign, it already has a landing page! Every campaign is hosted on a Woobox micro-site. Click the campaign URL to view it on a dedicated landing page. Otherwise, let’s create your campaign and get to work!


After you sign up for a free Woobox account, click Create A New Campaign. Then, choose from the menu of options.

Follow the instructions to build and customize your campaign. You can add images, graphics, and design elements through the intuitive interface. For this example, we’ll use a Sweepstakes campaign. First, give your campaign a name.

Then, fill out the description and choose your start and end dates.

Next, choose your entry methods. By flipping the switch at the right to YES, you can allow entries via Email Address, Facebook, or Twitter and also award bonus entries for referrals. Choose how many bonus entries to award for each referral – a great way to encourage social sharing!

Don’t forget to hit Save! Now you’re ready to create your custom landing page.

Where’s My Landing Page?

Click on Customize on the left side menu and you’re on your way. You can customize the landing page for what visitors will see by selecting each of these items and then customizing.

  • Pre-Start (What they see before the contest begins)
  • Entry Page (Where the enter the giveaway or promotion)
  • Post-Entry (Where they go after they enter)
  • Ended (A message when the campaign is over)

You can customize each element in WooBox – without having to do any coding. Plus, there’s plenty of backgrounds, graphics, and images – or you can upload your own.

Click on each element to create your design. Change font size by clicking on text and using the toolbar at the top.

Change the background by clicking on the BGROUND icon on the left, Pick a pattern, click the camera icon to search thousands of free-to-use images, or upload your own.

You can adjust the global styles for the fonts, colors, and link colors by clicking STYLES on the left-side menu, or edit the CSS or JavaScript directly if you’re into that kind of thing!

Adding Custom Elements and Forms

Let’s say you want to add an element. No problem! Click + ELEMENTS on the left-side menu. This gives you a whole bunch of choices – to add text, images, backgrounds, dividers, additional content, videos, custom HTML, and social sharing.

Let’s add a hero image. It could be your company logo or a fancy header. Click on the CANVAS to design graphics right in the element, or upload pre-made graphics into an IMAGE element.

Adding A Custom Form – Example 1 (Sweepstakes)

To add additional forms fields, click on the Form element itself. In this example, it’s the white box where a participant would enter their email address. It will call up the Edit Form Element menu on the left.

Click on + ADD FORM FIELD and then pick the field you want to add.

In this example, we added in a field to fill out your First and Last Name (and required it for entry) and then a “sign up for our newsletter” check-box (and pre-checked the box). You can drag and drop elements within edit menu on the left to change their location.

Have fun with it! Maybe on your Post Entry page you want to add a video to entertain visitors and thank them for participating. Click on the VIDEO icon and enter the URL. If you don’t like where it is on the page, drag and drop where you want it.

Adding A Custom Form – Example 2 (Photo Contest)

There are unique options to each of the Woobox promotional campaigns. In our second example, we’re using a photo contest.

Under the EDIT option, you’ll see some options unique to UGC (User Generated Contest) photo contest promotion. You can enter the contest with an email, or by using a custom hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. You can also choose whether you want submissions to show in a Gallery and give people the option to vote.

To add or change forms fields, click on the Form itself. This will call up the EDIT FORM ELEMENT menu. Here you add, delete, or customize your form. Click on +Add Form Field to add a new one. In this example, I’ve added Like Us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel buttons.

Enter your channel ID on YouTube and it will link to your account when clicked and pull up your subscriber numbers. Expand the menu item, enter your social media usernames or ID and we’ll do the rest (Instagram must be connected in the Businesses Settings -> External Connections section). It will automatically pull up your stats and connect to your account.

Pretty slick! You can drag and drop elements to put them in the order you want. Hit Apply after making each change and then Save when you’re done.

Don’t see what you want to add? No worries! Click on Text to enter text, or the Text Area and customize the label to create a custom field.

In this example, we added a “Tell us why your cat is the cutest” box, requiring an answer before submitting, but you can add anything you want and gather the data.

That’s it. You’re done. Fun, right? It looks great and took only a few minutes to give your landing page the polish it needs to grab attention, custom forms to gather exactly what you want, and social sharing content to finish it out. Now you’re ready to share it!

If you really like what you’ve done, you can use it as a future template by copying it, or changing design elements – like adding a cat with a Santa hat for Christmas!

Your campaign is now hosted on its own micro-site/landing page. You can direct traffic right to the campaign URL. For other options for hosting the promotion, see below.

Share Your Custom Landing Page

You have several options to share your custom landing pages.


If you want to link to your campaign, click OVERVIEW and copy the link in the upper right-hand corner (or underneath your campaign name)


You can post it to Facebook yourself, or use our easy Promote tool to post directly to your Facebook page with custom audience targeting. Fill out the message, select target ages, gender, and country, and hit share. Simple and elegant!


Want to embed the campaign on your blog, WordPress site, or another web page? Click EMBED on the left-side menu, choose presentation style, target platform and cut-and-paste the code.


If you have over 2,000 fans, you can also add it as a tab on your Facebook page and either install it immediately or have it trigger when the campaign is active.

Get Started With Woobox

Woobox is free to use. When you sign up, you can build an unlimited number of promotions with your free account. Customize to your heart’s content, create custom landing pages, add custom forms, and make your promotions beautiful!

  • Giveaways, Coupons, and Instant Wins
  • Photos, Video, and Hashtag Contests
  • Polls, Quizzes, and Games
  • Landing Pages, Downloads, and Forms
  • Facebook Page Apps

A paid subscription is only required to publish and run a campaign. Click here to get started.