Host a Real-Time Raffle with Facebook Live

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Since its launch, Facebook Live videos have proved to be the most engaging tool on the network. Fans love being able to interact with their favorite brands and personalities in a video-chat style environment. Whether it’s a Q&A, live performance, or a live vlog, millions of users are “tuning in” to Facebook Live. Wouldn’t it be great if you could randomly pick winners from the fans interacting with your broadcast and announce the winners right then, in real-time? Oh wait, you totally can!

You may have noticed that a Facebook Live video appears on your page’s timeline, in chronological order, as if it was a standard post. The difference of course, is that the page is displaying a live video and interacting with reactions and comments from fans right then and there. Since these broadcasts appear as posts, they are also pulled into the Posts section of your Woobox dashboard. This happens right after you start the broadcast (no waiting!). As you refresh the Posts section, all of the newest reactions and comments will be pulled in!

FB Live - your posts

This means that you can use the Pick-a-Winner button to randomly select from reactions, comments, or both and announce that winner during the video. “Alicia, you are the winner! Thanks for your comment!”

FB Live posts section

Facebook Live is easy to use and your fans love engaging with you in a live environment, so why not get those fans excited at the prospect of hearing their name announced as the winner during your live broadcast? Have questions or other ideas about using FB Live and Woobox? Drop us a line at

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