Woobox Remixed: Turn a Quiz into a Pick Your Prize Promotion

Basic promotions are so yesterday. Everyone is looking for new creative ways to engage and excite potential entrants without making it any harder for them to enter.

Having a spectacular prize is a great way to pull people in, but giving someone a choice of awesome prizes is an even better way to have users interact with your promotion.

You can easily produce a visually creative Sweepstakes using our Quiz App (yes, you read that right: a Sweepstakes using a Quiz App!). The Quiz allows you to build a form entry just like a Sweepstakes, even providing you the option of awarding bonus entries. With the Quiz, however, you can create the prize options on the entry page as well, seamlessly giving your users the prize selection options as well as filling out the form entry all on one page.

To get started, log-in to your Woobox account and create a Quiz by clicking “landing page” and out of the two quizzes, choose the personality quiz to accomplish this campaign style.

TIP: Create graphics with text on the image itself and upload it directly to each section. You cannot do both text and images in our defaults for the quiz, it’s one or the other. Otherwise you can use HTML to do both if needed. For the shown examples I created images with text overlay using Canva.

In the Questions section you can create one question (“what prize do you choose?”) and the answers will be the options of prizes for the entrants.

You can choose to have only one result where, no matter what prize a person chooses, the same post-entry page will display.

If you only want one result, put that in the one result in the results section and leave the scoring section as is. If you have the time, creatives, and would like a more personalized post-entry page for entrants, you can create a result for each individual prize option.

The scoring for this is very easy. For each answer/option, award one point towards the result you want that option, when chosen, to populate.

For examples, if answer 1 is the $500 Cash Prize, you will leave the Hawaii and Ice Cream results scored as a 0, and award the Cash Prize result 1 point.

Whichever prize they select in the entry page will determine what post-entry image they see based on the scoring you input.

You can pick a winner easily by clicking “winners” on the left sidebar menu of your promotion. Randomly select winners or choose someone who referred the most people via bonus entries. However you decide, you’ll see the data in the back end of what prize they selected. You can then announce the winner and their prize, either by contacting them directly or announcing it to all your fans.

How have you remixed your Woobox Promotion? Leave us your ideas below. If you haven’t already, Sign up for a Free account and get your own Remixed Promotion started today! Have Questions? Leave them in the comments or drop us a line at support@woobox.com.