Introducing: Woobox Quizzes

Introducing: Woobox Quizzes

Create super-custom quizzes. Decide on everything from questions and answers, to the results and scoring. You can use the Quiz app for personality quizzes, trivia, surveys, and more!

Throughout human history man has pondered questions about himself and his existence. Questions like, Who am I? What’s my purpose? and What 80’s sitcom father do I most resemble? Now Woobox has devised a way for you and your brand to help consumers answer some of the most pressing personality questions they face. We humbly submit to you the new Woobox Quiz App.

The Quiz App helps reduce the normally time-consuming process of setting up a personality quiz by making setup with minimal copy a breeze. Advanced options allow you to upload images to create a highly branded experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Additional features include…
  • No question, choice or answer limits allow you to create as deep of an experience as you’d like.
  • Custom results and share messages for both Facebook and Twitter allow for your entrants results to be easily shared amongst friends increasing the viral reach of your campaign.
  • Responsive styling ensures optimal display no matter what device the quizzed is being viewed from, even mobile.
  • Embedding capability allows for the quiz to be easily added into your website or blog.
Check Out These Actual Woobox Quizzes:

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Excited about the app but not sure if it’s the right promotional app for your brand? We’ve created a sample Quiz App that will help you choose Which Woobox App is Right for You. The Quiz App is available on all Woobox paid plans, starting as low as $1/month.

TIP: Check out our next blog post for instructions on how to create your first quiz!