Fangate bug is back! How to fix your default landing tab

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There is a new Facebook bug (again) that has changed the behavior of FanGates for the default landing tab.   If you use the Default Landing Tab setting on your Facebook page and show non-fans different content on your tab this bug may be affecting you.

When visitors press your Like button on your default landing tab,  Facebook is sending the user to the Wall instead of back to your tab.  This is happening for pages which are active in Facebook’s testing of the new Recommend this Page feature.

A bug report has been filed with Facebook, you can follow it here.

Solution: FanGate Bug Workaround

Just like last time, we’ve implemented a workaround in the Woobox Static HTML app. You can now enable a special option the will provide the old pre-bug behavior.  Just click Enable and press save settings.

If you’re using another custom tab app, install our’s here: Woobox Static HTML App

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  1. I just spent 3 hours pulling my hair out.. after I figued that I have to be logged out to edit, you guys sent the notification …. lol wow….. thanks for your help!

    • Did this resolve itself? Or you figured out what the problem was? Because I just went to your page, and the Fanpage tab is the Default Landing Tab (I’m assuming that’s the one you wanted it set to).
      Feel free to email us at if you have any more questions.