Run contests within your Sweepstakes to increase sharing

We just added a new field (from_email) to the entry export file for Sweepstakes.   If you have extra entries turned on to reward users that get their friends to enter, you will now see the from_email field in your export file of sweepstakes entries.   This field only shows up on extra entry rows and contains the email address of the Facebook user whose entry resulted in that extra entry.

This is an exciting addition because combined with the fields you already have, it allows you to do some creative types of contests within your sweepstakes.   Here are 5 examples that should get users sharing your sweepstakes even more.

  1. Give a prize to the user who gets the most friends to enter the sweepstakes
  2. Enter any user that gets a friend to enter into a separate drawing
  3. Give a prize to any user that gets more than 5 friends to enter the sweepstakes
  4. Give a prize to both the winner and the friend who generated the extra entry.
  5. Offer a better sweepstakes prize if a certain number of people get friends to enter.

These are just a few examples of the types of contests you can run by using this new field.  If you have some ideas, share them in the comments!