INFOGRAPHIC: 2014 Holiday Shopping Trends

December 1, 2014

This infographic highlights some of the interesting data from the National Retail Federation’s annual Holiday Consumer Spending Survey for 2014.

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6 Ways to Use Coupons to Drive Sales & Awareness for Your Brand

September 17, 2014

It’s no surprise that coupons continue to be one of our most popular promotional tools – after all, we launched Woobox with coupons as our first app. Since then we’ve grown to include a much broader suite of promotional tools, but coupons remain popular. There are a wide variety of uses for coupons, from free offers to loyalty rewards, to feel-good perks. Check out these 6 effective coupon strategies that have proven successful time and time again:

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Drive Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales with Coupons!

November 21, 2013

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are (gulp) right around the corner! What are you doing to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar location and boost online sales? If you are stumped or at a loss for ideas, we’d like to offer up a simple solution to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar and online storefronts using one of our most popular marketing apps: coupons! Need some inspiration to get the creative juices flowing? We have several simple and easy-to-execute ideas that can have you up and running in no time.

Boost Black Friday Brick & Mortar Sales
Brick and mortar retailers are no strangers to coupons to drive traffic and sales to their physical locations, but coupons can be used for more than just …

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What is Your Fan Value Proposition?

September 26, 2013

The past few weeks have been an exciting time here at Woobox – full of new product launches and new opportunities to help page admins engage their fans. And we encourage page admins to experiment with the new options available to them.
Today, however, we are going to ask you all to stop what you’re doing, put down the mouse and put on your thinking cap. Sure, the new promotional opportunities are exciting, but before you launch your next promotion, install a new page tab or even post a page update, you must first discover – TRULY discover – what value you are providing to you fans. The stronger your understanding of your fan value proposition, the easier it will be …

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Announcing Passbook Support for the Woobox Coupons App

September 19, 2012

iOS 6 is here, and you can now create Passbook coupons using Woobox! You can use Passbook passes with all of the great features already built into our Coupons app such as requiring that users Like your Facebook Page to get a coupon, limiting coupons to one per Facebook user, and much more.
The new Passbook capability gives users accessing your promotion on their iPhone the option to store a pass for the voucher on their phone in Apple’s Passbook app. The created pass contains a QR code that is unique to each voucher (just like standard Woobox Coupons), which can be scanned with any QR code reading app for instant validation and redemption. For a low tech solution, you can also …

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