Quiz App- Choose Your Prize

Woobox Remixed: Turn a Quiz into a Pick Your Prize Promotion

November 2, 2015

Basic promotions are so yesterday. Everyone is looking for new creative ways to engage and excite their potential entrants without making it any harder for them to enter. Having a spectacular prize is a great way to pull people in, but giving someone a choice of awesome prizes is an even better way to have users interact with your promotion. You can easily produce a visually creative Sweepstakes using our Quiz App (yes, you read that right: a Sweepstakes using a Quiz App!). The Quiz allows you to build a form entry just like a Sweepstakes, even providing you the option of awarding bonus entries. With the Quiz, however, you can create the prize options on the entry page as well, seamlessly giving your …

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How to Get the Most out of your Restaurant’s Page with Woobox

October 23, 2015

You have enough to juggle in the kitchen, so take care of your social media with these easy to create promotion ideas.

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How To

Woobox 101: Grow Engagement and Reward Influencers

October 16, 2015

There are many creative ways to run a promotion and even more ways to reward engagement. In our Intro series Woobox 101 we show you how.

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Reaching Out to Your Winners Over Social Media

October 2, 2015

You’ve had a great promotion and participants are eagerly waiting to find out who won. You may be wondering how to reach them… do you contact them directly or should you announce it on Social Media? Heck, why not both? But wait, did you even collect the right data to contact them directly?

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Trivia Quiz App Featured Image

Introducing: Trivia Quiz App from Woobox

September 11, 2015

As long as there has been a search for knowledge there have been those who have dedicated themselves to learning the obscure, the esoteric and sometimes useless facts of the world. Whereas these people were once relegated to showing off at dinner parties and to random strangers at bus stops, television quiz shows and pub quizzes gave these people a chance to step out of the shadows and to compete with like minded eccentrics. Woobox’s new Trivia Quiz App now gives your company the power that has long been held only by mustached game show hosts and failed local comedians.
Woobox’s new Trivia Quiz App allows you to put your customer’s knowledge of your products and services to the test …

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