That’s right, the moment so many of you have been waiting for is here! Now you can collect names and email addresses (and even include an email opt-in) from voters in your Woobox Photo, Video, and UGC contests!

Celebrating data

Okay, if you’re done celebrating, here’s how to set up your voter data collection:
Go to the Edit screen of your Photo, Video, or UGC contest and scroll down to the Gallery section. Be sure that “Allow Voting” is enabled.

Edit -> Gallery

Click the toggle switch next to “Collect voter information.” If you would like to include a newsletter opt-in, also click the switch for “Include Opt-in Checkbox.” Since you can collect email addresses, you can now restrict voting by email address as well (but it isn’t necessary):

Collect voter data/restrict by email

That’s all the setup you need to do. When a user clicks to vote on a submission in the gallery, this is what they will see:

User-end data collection

Collected voter data will be available in the Votes Export:

Export votes section

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about collecting data from voters, feel free to email us at Happy remarketing!