When Facebook announced on Tuesday that they were relaxing their promotions policy, reaction to the news on their Facebook for Business page was overwhelmingly positive (“Yay! This is great news, thanks, Facebook, it’s about time!”), but the comment that perked our ears up – and was repeated by many more – was this one:

What’s an easy way to pick a winner? Especially when you have thousands of comments… Thoughts?

In what seems to be a simple way to execute a promotion via “like to win” or “comment to win”, the concern among page admins and the new Facebook promotions policy seems to be a resounding “How are we going to effectively manage and select our winners?”

Woobox is proud to offer an easy and free method for page admins to easily select winners from a timeline post!

To activate the service, simply log into the Woobox dashboard using the “Sign In Using Facebook” option, select the page that you want to track with the drop-down menu, and click on the “Posts” link:

posts link

You will see the most recent ten days of Facebook posts listed. Click on the “Pick” link under the “Winners” column for the post you want to select a winner for:

Woobox Promotions Manager

You  can then choose to either:

1) Select a winner randomly based on the total number of likes on the post

Check the “Users can enter by liking this post” option and then select “Pick a Winner”:


2) Select the winner randomly from all commenters on the post

When you choose this option, another box will appear asking if you want to limit the selection to one per Facebook profile or (by not checking the box) allow multiple entries if fans comment multiple times. Again, after you select your criteria, select “Pick a Winner”:

Woobox Promotions Manager 4

Finally, you can export your list of fans based on likes and comments:


It’s that simple! It is up to you to contact your winner and notify them that they have won and coordinate prize fulfillment. For more information about the new policy change, read their article in the news section of Facebook for Business.