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How to Create Bonus Entries on Your Woobox Contests & Campaigns

Bonus entries are a great way to ramp up your campaign and create additional touch points. You can award bonus entries for just about any action they take online. Bonus...

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5 Lead Generation Strategies to Capture and Convert On Pinterest

If you are not yet using Pinterest to market your products or services, you're missing a significant marketing opportunity on a less saturated advertising platform. More than 87 percent of...

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Pinterest Business Marketing Tips, Ideas, & Strategy
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Is Pinterest Right for My Business? 6 Questions to Ask Before Diving In

In 2010, three months after their initial launch, Pinterest had managed to acquire just 3,000 registered accounts. Today, the company employs more than 800 people and boasts more than 200 million monthly...

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Valentines Day Promotional Ideas and Marketing Strategy
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4 Valentine’s Day Promotions to Drive Sales to Your eCommerce Store

For most eCommerce stores, November and December are a blur of launches, sales, and promotions. Once the shopping season ends, you’ll likely see a significant dip in sales.

We’ve talked about how to turn holiday shoppers into repeat customers, but when sales and follow-ups are done, what’s an eCommerce owner to do?Keep Reading

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