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5 Pivotal Strategies for Advertising on Instagram Versus Facebook

Since September 2015, marketers have had the ability to use Instagram to tell visual stories related to their business through Facebook's advertising platform. Since then, Instagram's monthly active user rate has hit the 800...

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Managing and Monitoring Facebook Advertising Campaigns
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How to Monitor Facebook Campaigns for Improved Performance

There is a fatal mistake many Facebook advertisers and marketing professionals are not savvy to while launching their first few campaigns.

It’s called “Set it and Forget it,” previously covered in our 3 step process to create eye-catching Facebook ads for contests.

“Set it and Forget it” means that an ad campaign (Facebook, Adwords, etc.) is launched and never monitored (“forgotten about”) until the end of the campaign.Keep Reading

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Creating LTV with Woobox Coupons
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Eyeing Woobox Coupon Tools to Create Lifetime Business Value

Coupons are popular with many consumers for the same reason they inspire fear in some marketers — deep or generous discounts with few (or no) strings attached. Thankfully, a properly-managed and well-planned coupon campaign can yield lifetime business value.Keep Reading

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