A Beginning Blogger’s Handy Checklist: 10 Simple Mistakes You Should Avoid

Starting a blog can be tricky, if you’re unsure what steps to take and what missteps to avoid. It isn’t as easy as spilling what you have to say in print form. Blogging has become an art, one that a lot of people are flocking to, which can make it competitive. We’ve compiled a few “do not’s” to make your blogging world introduction a little easier.

1. Not Investing in a Website

Many bloggers make the mistake of not getting their own site. People notice the difference in a quality site that a blogger has worked on and invested in. It will be worth it, in the long run, to have a site that is your very own.

2. Picking a Username That’s Hard To Remember 

Sometimes you want to be creative and come up with a fun username. If it has numbers or symbols in it, just skip it! Try to stick to something classic and memorable, and it helps to use the same name across all channels, especially when you’re starting out.

3. Posting as You Please

Bloggers who don’t post on a consistent schedule will have a harder time finding their audience. When people know what to expect and look forward to it, it’s easier to maintain a following. Plus, it will hold you accountable if you know when you are expected to post!

4. Ignoring Your Audience

You don’t need to be aloof in the blogging world. Readers love it when they feel a connection with the influencers they follow. Responding to comments, heeding suggestions and encouraging feedback will up your audience interaction. By making them feel involved and cared about they will continue to follow and maybe even share your work with others!

5. Using Basic Editing Tools

You don’t need to become an expert in photoshop to edit your photos, but you should do more than use the built in filters on Instagram. It’s good practice to edit your photos in a similar manner so that your photos are easily identifiable. Keeping up an editing style will also help to brand yourself.

6. Not Mentioning Brands or Using Hashtags

A common mistake is not utilizing hashtags. Hashtags make it easier for people to discover your content. Don’t forget to tag brands you’re featuring as well! This can help get attention from others who may have a larger following. This could lead to sponsorship or sharing of your content on their platform.

7. Avoiding Fellow Bloggers

Blogging is more about community, than competition. Joining a network of like-minded bloggers will help you to become better known and you’ll likely learn some tricks and tips from those more seasoned than yourself. Most accomplished bloggers love to share ideas and help others to succeed in the blogging world.

8. Skipping Social Media

Although a blog can stand on it’s own, it will likely be easier to expand your reach if you are sharing it across all of your social media channels. It’s also wise to keep all social media and your blog formatted and styled in a similar manner. This is for aesthetics and helps with branding and the overall appeal of pages. Users can go between your Blog page, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook page, to name a few, to find all of your content.

9. No Visuals

Gone are the days where a blog is just words on a screen. The overall visual of the blog is so important! Be sure you are using more than words to grab the readers attention. Visual appeal can reel in more readers than you’d expect!

10. Copy-Catting

Blogging, while there is a lot of crossover, should be unique to the writer. Hold on to your individual style, remember what motivates you and why you write. Don’t try to replicate someone else’s style, if it’s not your own, it’s unlikely you’ll do it better. It may be cliche, but be yourself!

While it takes more than following a list of do not’s to become a successful blogger, these tips can help steer you in the right direction and hopefully will give you a leg up in the blogging world!