Woobox Contests and Sweepstakes Ideas for January 2018

A Comprehensive January 2018 Holiday & Hashtag Guide

While the December holiday season will soon be behind us, there are plenty of lesser-known holidays worth recognizing in January. Spice up your January marketing efforts. Use any of these celebrations, hashtags, and campaign ideas if it’s relevant to your brand or product.

*When you use any of the example hashtags below, remember to replace “BrandName” with your own business’s name.

January Monthly Holidays

  • National Blood Donor Month

Landing Page: Details on donating blood, why it’s important, how to make an appointment, etc.

  • National Hobby Month

Poll: “What’s your favorite winter hobby?” or “What new hobby do you want to try this year?”

Sweepstakes: Prize – Award winners with gear for their favorite winter hobby



  • National Hot Tea Month

january holiday contest idea

Instant Win: Prize – Tea gift baskets, tea cups, tea infusers, or other tea-related items

  • National Oatmeal Month
  • National Soup Month

Download: E-book containing recipes for winter soups

January Daily Holidays

January 1st

  • National Hangover Day

Poll: Favorite hangover cure

  • New Year’s Day

Sweepstakes: Prize – Award a New Year’s Resolution-themed prize, like exercise equipment or free groceries

#NewYearsResolutionsContest with #BrandName

January 2nd

  • National Buffet Day

Coupon: Discount on a buffet meal

  • National Cream Puff Day
  • National Science Fiction Day

Instant Win: Prize – Win the next 10 books on your reading wishlist



January 3rd

  • National Fruitcake Toss Day
  • National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

January 4th

  • National Spaghetti Day
  • National Trivia Day

Quiz: Trivia related to your products/services.

January 5th

  • National Bird Day

January Holiday Contest Ideas for Facebook and Instagram

UGC Photo Contest: Submit a photo of a wild bird

Sweepstakes: Prize – Win a camera for birdwatching

Instant Win: Prize – Win a bird feeder, bird seed, etc.

  • National Whipped Cream Day

January 6th

  • National Cuddle Up Day
  • National Shortbread Day

January 7th

  • National Tempura Day

January 8th

  • National Winter Skin Relief Day

Coupon: Discount on a skin care product


  • National Bubble Bath Day

January 9th

  • National Apricot Day

Facebook Contest Ideas for January Holidays

UGC: Have users submit their favorite apricot recipes



  • National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

January 10th

  • National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

January Holiday Contests for Facebook Twitter Instagram

Form: Have users pledge to reduce their energy usage

Poll: “What are you doing to reduce your energy costs?”



January 11th

  • National Milk Day

January 12th

  • National Curried Chicken Day

January 13th

  • National Sticker Day

Form: Send branded stickers to users who fill out the form.



January 14th

  • National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Woobox Fancy Facebook Contest Cat

UGC Photo Contest: Share a picture of your pet wearing a silly outfit

Coupon: Offer free or discounted clothing for pets

January 15th

  • National Hat Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Quiz: Trivia about the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Sweepstakes: Prize – Win a trip for two to visit the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.

January 18th

  • National Thesaurus Day

Quiz: Match words to their synonyms (choose words that are related to your business)

  • Get to Know Your Customers Day (Third Thursday of Each Quarter)

January 19th

  • National Popcorn Day

January 20th

  • National Cheese Lover’s Day

Download: Provide an e-book full of recipes featuring a variety of cheeses

UGC Recipe Contest: Share your favorite cheese recipe

Bracket: A head-to-head competition of various cheeses

January 21st

  • National Granola Bar Day
  • National Hugging Day

January 23rd

  • National Pie Day (Also celebrated in December, but pie is so good it has two national days!)

Ideas for Pie Contests on Facebook in January

Coupon: Buy one slice of pie, get one free if you’re a restaurant

Video Contest: Show your favorite pie recipe

Download: Share a pie recipe

January 24th

  • National Compliment Day
  • National Peanut Butter Day

Instant Win – Prize: A year’s supply of peanut butter

Pinterest PintoWin: Favorite peanut butter recipe pins

Quiz: Trivia about the many uses for peanuts

January 25th

  • National Irish Coffee Day

Instant Win: Prize – Pound of high-quality coffee beans

#IrishCoffeeDay, #CoffeeWithBrandName

January 26th

  • National Green Juice Day
  • National Peanut Brittle Day

January 27th

  • National Chocolate Cake Day

Photo Contest: Share a photo of your homemade chocolate cake

#NationalChocolateCakeDay, #ChocolateCakePhotoContest

Sweepstakes: Prize – Give away a tool used by bakers, like a new oven or a stand mixer

January 28th

  • Data Privacy Day

Landing page: Share information about data privacy and why it’s important

  • National Blueberry Pancake Day
  • National Have Fun at Work Day

January Contest Ideas for Office Party Woobox

Instant Win: Prize – Win a catered party for your office



January 29th

  • National Puzzle Day

Download: Provide a crossword or word search related to your business

January 30th

  • National Plan for a Vacation Day

Sweepstakes: Prize – Win a trip for two to a dream destination



  • National Croissant Day

January 31st

  • National Backward Day

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