Video Games as Innovation: A Local Tribute

Happening this month during March Downtown First Friday in our local Innovation Partnership Zone, Washington State University Vancouver and The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program are launching an exhibition at the Nouspace Gallery & Media Lounge titled Game Changers: Video Games as Innovation.

What is Game Changers: Video Games as Innovation?

“A month-long exhibit at Nouspace Gallery of influential video games that have changed cultural views and behaviors as well as impacted business, education, health, and communication.” This exhibit “explores some of the technological innovations that have occurred in the 40-year development of video games––starting with the first commercially successful game, Pong”. We identified this event as a great opportunity to acknowledge that people young and old that started with technology by experiencing games like Pong are now looking to convert to an even more immersive online world than ever before.

Game Changers: Video Games as Innovation is presented by:
Director Dr. Dene Grigar and Professor Dr. John F. Barber from Washington State University Vancouver
Featured in the Vancouver Business Journal, KPTV Fox 12 Oregon, The Columbian and The Oregonian

The Spirit of Innovation in the Innovation Partnership Zone

How does an interactive game change the overall perception of your daily process?  How does it cognitively effect the brain, mature vs adolescent, sensation and perception? Pong was the first commercialized game released to the public, putting these experiences in motion through organic interactions that were never before seen back in 1972. The evolution from a static television to an interactive console to the online communities we have today have left many developers in a headspin, but like businesses converting to online markets, so are game consoles. Similar to Nintendo Network and Microsoft’s XboxLive Arcade, Atari has recreated their brand for an online universal arena. Atari Arcade for the open web, eliminating the need to buy a gaming only device. This has created a resurgence of software developers in the casual Indy gaming market, with cool new downloads and add-ons for your favorite old games. The Atari Arcade also allows you to access your games from anywhere, leaving that small window of time for you to pull out your phone, just enough to sneak in a couple rounds. When you can access your games from anywhere, they become timeless treasures with limitless shelf life for each game. Enabling increased usability through built in map builders has also become a standard in the online gaming community. Popular games now include user generated content as part of the default shuffle, allowing users to experience even more new environments each time they’re plugged into the online queue. The more your fans contribute, the better your game becomes.

“One of the challenges we at Atari have been faced with is how do you satisfy both the nostalgia of the classics as they were originally presented and yet at the same time understand that we have many more powerful tools today in both software and hardware?” Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell

Play Atari Arcade!

Woobox and Washington State University

With a number of our Woobox Representatives with current active membership in the Washington State University Alumni Association, we also acknowledge this exhibition in correlation with the 30 Days of Cougs, “a month-long event, inspired by a similar program in Pullman, WA, designed to strengthen the relationship between WSUV students/faculty and the local Vancouver community. WSU Vancouver is a growing institution, and connections with the local communities and businesses are important to foster this growth and promote a more engaged and impactful campus and community life.”

Woobox is connected to WSUV through partnership with the City of Vancouver, Washington and the Innovation Partnership Zone (IPZ). We actively contribute to research, development, and open forum as it pertains to community growth through emerging innovative technologies. Addressing complex technology needs in local business, education, health, and communication. Bridging social connections to bring positive influence to our community personifies what the IPZ and its collaborative partners are all about.

Player 2 – Challenger

Like Atari did with Pong, create a game, let people play it online, and easily access it from their mobile device, with Woobox, you can create a game, let people play it on your Facebook Page or Website, and even ask for an email address in order to play using the Instant Win app! Games can be used as innovation in the classroom and in the workplace. As the #1 most used Page apps provider on Facebook, we are leading the way when it comes to bringing new innovative technologies to the community. We strive to make our SaaS platform more universal, beyond the limits of the conventional stationary device, aiming to provide applied digital technology solutions for remote innovation needs. Integrating new technologies to highlight old successes is a driving factor to brand development, and the more information you have about your brand the more informed your next decision will be. Generating new leads through product feedback, reviews, and research is still fun when using the Woobox Application Suite.

People will always enjoy participating in games based on chance. The excitement of competition that triggers the instinct to do a little dance and shout, “I’m a Winner!”, is what keeps people coming back. What makes Woobox and the Instant Win app so innovative? Featured: Install directly on your FB page, steer probability, mobile compatible, embed on any website, interactive responsive design, fully customizable, stats reported in the cloud, and play to win online anytime.