Custom Apps for Woobox Offers

Customize Apps for Your Woobox Offers

There’s a great new feature for Woobox users: custom apps for all of your offers!  This allows you to change the default app for an offer (Sweepstakes, Coupons, etc.) so that when people access the offer and/or share it on Facebook, it will be shown as your own custom app name and icon.  The custom offer app feature also gives you more control over the authorization step because people will be seeing the Auth Dialog for the app that you created instead of Woobox’s app.

This feature is similar to the Static IFRAME Tab’s custom icons, and all you have to do is create a new app from with the name that you’ll want it to show.  Once you’ve done this, upload an image to use for your icon (the icon size is 16×16 pixels), and save the changes. Make a note of your App ID and App Secret; then, in your Woobox account, go to the Facebook Page Tab section of your offer, click “Change App” and input the App ID and the App Secret to change the offer’s app.

Custom Offer App: EditCustom Offer App: Sharing & App Invites

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