Custom Language Form

Translate and Customize the Default Language for Your Offers!

We are excited to announce the launch of Woobox’s language customization feature –now available for every type of Woobox promotion!  This amazing new feature allows you to customize the default language used in vouchers, entry forms, and more!

There are so many exciting ways you can use this new feature.  Translation to different languages or changing the wording for all the default text in an offer are just a couple options you have in the new Language Settings tab, accessible from your Woobox account Promotions Manager, under Offers.  All you have to do is enter the alternate, custom text you’d like to use in place of the default and click Save!

Custom Language Form

What exactly does this mean for you?  It means you now have the freedom to present your Woobox promotions exactly the way you want to!

  • Use the Deal offer type with Custom Language to create a donation campaign that encourages people to pledge money safely and easily through PayPal.
  • Target markets in different languages.
  • Call your offers whatever you want (for example, change Sweepstakes to Giveaway; Coupon to Invite Code; or Deal to Pledge Drive).

The possibilities are endless!  How will you utilize the new Woobox Language feature?  What new type of promotion will you create by customizing the default language in Woobox apps?  Share your ideas with us on Facebook and you just might get a Woobox Reward!