Are you on the guest list? No offer for you.

Woobox Pro plans now support guest lists for offers!

A guest list lets you select specific Email, Twitter, or Facebook users who can complete your offer for a coupon.  This is a really powerful way to let you post your offers publicly but restrict the offer to certain people.  Want an example?

Twitter example to get more retweets
You want people to retweet you right?  How about you look at the past week and take 5 people who have retweeted one of your updates.   Create a really great offer on Woobox, like a free product. Obviously, you don’t want everyone to get a free product, so you setup a guest list with the Twitter usernames of the 5 people you want to reward.   Post the Woobox offer page url to your Twitter account with a message about the reward and mention the usernames who are getting it. Once the mentioned users connect with Twitter on the offer page, they can get the offer but no one else can.   Others can see the great offer those people are getting, and maybe they’ll start retweeting you too.

After you’ve done a Twitter offer, try it on Facebook.  You could also do a similar reward for Facebook fans who like or comment on your wall posts!