Hello Internet. Meet Woobox.

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It’s been in the works for a while, but I’m proud to announce Woobox is going live today.  What is Woobox?  Well, it’s basically a really awesome way to send coupons.  Woobox allows businesses to create offers that can be restricted to just Facebook fans or Twitter followers.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out a form to give your offer a title, description, and an expiration date.
  2. Select the restrictions you’d like to place on your offer.
    • Only your Facebook fans?
    • Only your Twitter followers?
    • One per person (email/Facebook user/Twitter user)?

  3. You get a woobox.com short url you can share with your website visitors, email list, followers, or fans.

  4. Users click your short offer url and complete the steps to get a coupon.  One click and they become a follower.
  5. Woobox generates a unique coupon for the user with automatically unique redemption codes or custom coupon codes you upload.

Perhaps best of all Woobox is a free service.  If you’d like to try it out, here is an example offer to show some of the capabilities:  http://woobox.com/rdia4a

  1. Cool idea! Hit a few bugs though and you don’t have a feedback form. I’d suggest that you add one, as I’ve seen a number of bugs that I don’t have an easy way to report.

  2. This sounds great! I’ve used this on our facebook fan page. I had a fan post a comment saying that they had to set up an account.. they are warning other fans to beware that their email addresses may be sold and they may get spam. Could you alleviate this fear? I’d like to respond with an educated answer.


  3. this is really cool. One feature request — could you create a rolling expire date? I’d like to create an offer that expires 2 weeks after the person signs up that would be tied to an autoresponder.

    • Totally agree that would be a cool feature. I’ve put it on the todo list to add soon.

  4. Contact me by email. I’m interested in your product for the company that bit.ly url goes to.

  5. Love this idea.

    Question – i need a list of generated coupon codes to upload to my shopping cart so they may redem there coupon? How do I access all the coupon codes that were given out?

  6. Hi George,

    I signed up with your service to try out but would like to know if there is an agency version coming?

    I manage social media marketing for several clients and would love a way to change the “from company name” and create separate accounts.

    I’d also like to talk with you. According Romulus site you’re in Longview, which is not far from where I am in Woodland.


    Ed Bisquera
    (360) 5978283

  7. I’m very excited about this new service! Can’t wait to try it out on our FB fan pages and twitter.

  8. i’m attemping to see this on my blackberry, it comes out a tad wonky. fyi

  9. Wicked!! Really looking forward to using this with out clients.

  10. Will this work with my I Pone App. Also, your phone number listed on this site is wrong. This is a Skype number belonging to someone else. Thanks, Bill

  11. Hi,
    First of all, great idea and concept. I registered a free account to take a test drive. Below is my feedback:

    1. To setup a new offer is fast, simple and dummy proof thumbs up
    2. But if I could upload my company logo or change some color setting what will be great
    3. With the new link generated to view the Offers Landing page, I click to claim the coupon with another email address and receive a notification.
    4. Click on it and comes to a coupon page with redeemtion code printed.
    5. Then, I stop for a while and do not know where to redeem it….(some navigation flow issues here)
    6. Then finally i go back to my account which I created the coupon early and saw a redeemtion link and click on it and copy and paste the redeemtion code into it and it says coupons redeemed successfully. (I felt abit strange…and thinking whats next?)
    7. I was expecting the system will re-directly me to a landing page (which I could setup earlier) for people who redeemed the coupons, so that only people who redeemed the coupons can see the special landing page…

    Above are my feedbacks and comment, i think as a new user, I am quite lost on how to integrate and embed this great system to my marketing campaign so that my customers has a seamless flow.

    I was also looking for any video intro as well…is that one ?
    Please help me to gain for understanding for using this great service please.

    best regards,

  12. Great idea! it seems similar to Groupon. I like the concept as it can target FB fans. I will propose to my clients.

  13. Does anyone here use woobox? What’s your experience?…

    Just found it and it doesn’t come up as a “set context” category. http://blog.woobox.com/2010/08/hello-internet-meet-woobox/  http://woobox.com/…

  14. I thought that the facebook terms of service changed this year to prevent incentivized liking?

    Section IV.6:
    “You must not incentivize users to Like any Page other than your own site or application, and any incentive you provide must be available to new and existing users who Like your Page.”