Create Compelling Content with Facebook Tabs

July 3, 2013

Fess up: you’re not using Facebook Tabs to their full potential. That’s okay, we understand. Maybe you thought they went the way of the dinosaur when Facebook shifted to the Timeline configuration for pages. Or maybe you’re just not sure how to use them outside of running a promotion. We see huge potential in Facebook Tabs as a way to add value to your page and engage your fans. But like any other piece of content, it needs to be fresh, relevant and properly promoted. We’ve seen a whole host of creative ways to utilize tabs and we’d like to inspire you to follow suit. Below are examples of how we’ve seen our customers utilize tabs to create content for their …

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Share Dialog - Edit

New Shareable Tab URLs Send Users Straight to Your Facebook Page Tabs

March 13, 2012

With the new Timeline for Facebook Pages, you’ve lost the ability to set default landing tabs.  This makes it more important to drive users directly into your FanGate tabs and we’re announcing a feature to do just that.  Every Woobox HTML Page Tab now has its own unique shareable URL to bypass the Timeline and take a user straight into a tab.  Unlike Facebook’s long tab URLs, Woobox tab URLs let you customize your Open Graph data to select a title, description, and image for each page tab.
All Woobox HTML Tabs now have Shareable Tab URLs
Have you ever tried to share a Facebook tab URL? By default, when users share a Facebook page tab’s URL (using the old, inconvenient copy & …

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FormGate Page Example

FormGate: Custom HTML Forms for your Facebook Page Tabs

October 25, 2011

Earlier this year, we introduced a feature called FriendGate for Custom Tabs, and this week we’re happy to announce another gating option: FormGate.  This new feature allows you to require visitors to complete an input form before accessing your tab content.  It can be used with or without turning on FriendGate and/or FanGate.   We’re offering FormGate for Free through November 2011.  Afterwards it will be part of the Woobox Plus plan.

You can create your FormGate page from the Tab Settings of your custom tab.   Form inputs are entered using HTML, but can be customized using the WYSIWYG Editor.  As with many of our apps and features, FormGate collects and stores the submitted data for you.  You can view a …

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Facebook Bug: Your FanGate may be broken!

August 15, 2011

There is a new Facebook bug that has changed the behavior of FanGates for the default landing tab.   If you use the Default Landing Tab setting on your Facebook page and show non-fans different content on your tab this bug is affecting you.
Normally, when non-fans visit your Facebook page, they will automatically be sent to the page tab you have set as your Default Landing Tab.  When visitors press your Like button, Facebook would refresh the page and send the user back to the same default landing tab where using a tab app like the Woobox Custom Tab you could show them fan-only content.  The new Facebook bug #19778 breaks this process.  Instead of taking the new fan back to your default …

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FriendGate: 5 Friends must Like this page to reveal content!

June 16, 2011

Today, were announcing the launch of our latest Facebook app feature called FriendGate!   You can now require that a user must have a minimum number of friends who Like your Facebook page before they can view your page tab’s content.  We want everyone to try it, so it’s Free through August 31st!
We’ve added friend gating to our Woobox Custom Tab app.  Using the custom tab app you can restrict any HTML content behind both a Like to reveal and the new FriendGate.  You can also use both features at the same time to ensure that the user Likes your page and has N friends who like your page.   The default view shows a user all of the friends …

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