How much does the Like-Gate ban really affect your campaigns? Here are the numbers.

November 5, 2014

The era of required Like Gates has now ended. How effective is your new option? We’ve sifted through that data so you know what to expect now that policy prohibits requiring Likes for promotions.

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Q&A You Should Know About Fan-Gating Changes

There is a lot of apprehension and questions as Facebook is about to make its biggest change for marketers in a long time. We’re here to answer your questions and show you a new feature to help ease the transition.

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What is Your Fan Value Proposition?

September 26, 2013

The past few weeks have been an exciting time here at Woobox – full of new product launches and new opportunities to help page admins engage their fans. And we encourage page admins to experiment with the new options available to them.
Today, however, we are going to ask you all to stop what you’re doing, put down the mouse and put on your thinking cap. Sure, the new promotional opportunities are exciting, but before you launch your next promotion, install a new page tab or even post a page update, you must first discover – TRULY discover – what value you are providing to you fans. The stronger your understanding of your fan value proposition, the easier it will be …

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When Good HTML Fangates Go Bad

September 11, 2013

Was your HTML Fangate working perfectly fine yesterday and suddenly wonky today? We’ve been getting a handful of inquiries about HTML Fangates as of late… Tabs that work perfectly well one day are suddenly riddled with problems – from display inconsistencies between browsers to content simply disappearing altogether. The vast majority of those types of problems can be attributed to one thing: your security protocol!

What’s a security protocol, you ask? Look up at your browser and take a gander at the URL displayed. It will either start with an HTTP or an HTTPS. If the content you are pasting in your Facebook HTML Fangate or page tab is HTTP, then you have security protocol issues and you will, in fact, …

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Create Compelling Content with Facebook Tabs

July 3, 2013

Fess up: you’re not using Facebook Tabs to their full potential. That’s okay, we understand. Maybe you thought they went the way of the dinosaur when Facebook shifted to the Timeline configuration for pages. Or maybe you’re just not sure how to use them outside of running a promotion. We see huge potential in Facebook Tabs as a way to add value to your page and engage your fans. But like any other piece of content, it needs to be fresh, relevant and properly promoted. We’ve seen a whole host of creative ways to utilize tabs and we’d like to inspire you to follow suit. Below are examples of how we’ve seen our customers utilize tabs to create content for their …

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